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A More Serious Way to Cover Street Protests

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 03:45
The NYT had a good piece on the wave of world-wide protests driven by economic policy today. This piece contrasts with a piece last weekend which clearly had the purpose of making the protests against Wall Street look foolish. Reporters would have little problem finding ill-informed inarticulate people at any of the protests mentioned in today's piece. However, these people would not be representative of the protest and their views would not explain the cause of the actions.
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It's not too late to get it.
written by Union Member, September 28, 2011 2:50
The good piece does not excuse, or correct, the other hit piece.

And, more importantly, if the NYT were doing its job, as a daily newspaper, the causes of this discontent would be apparent to all its readers. And, perhaps editors and writers at the Times would even share the outrage.

(Story tip for NYT: How the pension fund of the NYPD is threatened by the collapse of the housing bubble, fraudulent financial machinations, and ensuing austerity measures.)

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