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Another Front Page Editorial on Deficits at the Washington Post

Saturday, 24 July 2010 09:59

Sometimes the Post just leaves readers speechless. It has a front page article with the headline: "GOP finds grist for campaigns in projections of record deficits [this headline only appears in the print edition]."
The article goes on to explain how Republicans are yelling about the new record deficits.

There are two striking features to this article. First, Republicans have criticized President Obama for everything under the sun, including a speech encouraging children to work hard in school. That the Republicans are critical of the latest budget projections is not news and certainly not front page news. Although it might merit a front page story if they did not criticize the projections.

The other striking feature of this story is that the front page only presented the Republican criticisms. Only those who read to the jump page saw that Democrats response that the deficits were the result of the economic collapse in 2008. Even this point is largely left as a matter of "he said, she said," rather than being reported as the fact that it is.

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written by izzatzo, July 24, 2010 12:06
But it is news. I thought I saw a Puddy Tat said Tweety Bird. I did, I did see a Puddy Tat. The White House saw it too.

This is why Republicans get that squinty far off look on their face like Boy Monarch Bush when discussing economics, like they're staring into the sun looking for signs of danger.

It's the mark of an intelligent Teabagger who understands there's no difference between households and government when it comes to debt. Only a stupid liberal would ever believe that a household could borrow from itself in order to spend more and bring itself out of debt.

Puddy Tats must be reported because if they eat too many Tweety Birds it will result in hyperinflation and default.
Kent Conrad tells Ezra Klein that it is not the Debt, it is the economy stupid.
written by mike, July 24, 2010 9:04
The actual quote from Conrad on Friday at Ezra's Post perch (http://voices.washingtonpost.c...diate.html) is
"'The immediate threat is not the debt. It’s weak aggregate demand.'"

And a response to the Republican tea-party theme was given as well.

EKYour Republican colleagues say that their concern is the deficit, not relief and stimulus itself. Do you believe them? That is to ask, if you come up with deficit-neutral programs, do you think there’ll be interest across the aisle?

KC: I think some are sincere and some are not. Unfortunately, I think some, and I hate to say this, but some want Obama to fail, period. And unfortunately, Obama’s failure would be the country’s failure. In a way, some of them are rooting against the country. They want political power.
Tax Cuts First for Republicans
written by Steve, July 26, 2010 10:39
The important thing is that tax cuts come first for Republicans. If they get back into power, as they most surely will someday, the first thing they will do is cut taxes, and the deficit be damned.
Why bother
written by CDW, July 26, 2010 12:34
Why give the post the satisfaction of a link to one of it's apocryphal pieces?

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