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Are Businesses Actually Being Held Back By Taxes and Regulation?

Sunday, 04 September 2011 11:15

Everyone should read this article from the McClatchy News Service. The business owners they talk to don't see taxes and regulation as the problem.

This just shows what I have been saying along, the Republicans are actually taking part in the Outrageous Claims Game Show. They are trying to find the most ridiculous story about a public policy issue that they get taken seriously in the Washington Post, New York Times and other major news outlets.

In keeping with this spirit for the national debate over economic policy, let me suggest that businesses are actually being held back by a fear of an attack from Mars. They know that their businesses could be destroyed in an instant by hostile aliens, therefore there is no reason to invest or increase hiring. 

Hah, let's see the Republicans top that!

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written by PeonInChief, September 04, 2011 12:56
Mars? I don't think so. But I will note that one of the small business owners is right, in that I can order appliance parts more easily and cheaply online than having the appliance store order them for me. They're cheaper and I get them within a few days, rather than after two weeks.
The Republicans don't have to top your hypothetical . . .
written by Carolyn Kay, September 04, 2011 2:14
. . . because they control the discourse.

And because they control the discourse, most Americans will never hear about McClatchy's findings. They only hear about the Republicans' claims.

Carolyn Kay
written by jethro, September 04, 2011 9:27
Republican's control the discourse ???? And the left wing intellectuals and professors don't control the media ?? What planet are you on ??
Another comment from someone with their own agenda..

As a business owner with 20 + employees, I can tell you that the regulations and healthcare issues that are still unknown are a major obstacle to growth. Anyone that says otherwise is either stupid or has their own agenda. Having just raised another round of investor capital, I can attest.

But then again, all you "risk-takers" know better and would rather play politics.

written by S. D. Jeffries, September 05, 2011 9:20
I am also a business owner with 22 employees. Regulations, taxes and the ACA are the least of my worries. If new regulations affect my business, I will abide by them; if my taxes go up it will be because I'm earning more money; the ACA will finally allow my employees access to affordable health insurance which I have not been able to afford for them since the bottom fell out of the economy.

The only obstacle to the growth of my business is lack of demand for the products and services my business provides. That lack of demand is due entirely to the collapse of the economy and my clients' fear that they may not have jobs tomorrow or a way to pay off their already existing debt. My clients are both individuals and small businesses, and no one - not one person or small business owner - has told me that he can not buy my products or services because of onerous regulations or the new health care law.

I'm wondering what planet YOU live on.
written by Jethro, September 05, 2011 12:58
Your taxes will only go up if you make more $ - So if they increase the tax rates your taxes won't go up ?
So you are certain that the ACA is now allowing you to provide affordable health care, or is that just something you are hoping for.
By the way, we have always provided health care to all of our employees. Also, are you employing mostly part time people at $10 an hour.

That is apples to oranges of what I am speaking of. The lowest paid employee I have out of 24 is $50,000, so you think if the government (Fed or State)increases payroll related taxes it is not a big issue.

Are you aware of Frank Dodd and the impact it is having on banks under $1B in assets.

I said that the unknown it was an obstacle to growth and it - by definition - has to be.

Your comment - not one person or small business owner - has told me that he can not buy my products or services because of onerous regulations or the new health care law - is ridiculous - why would an individual know any of this or have the ability to tell you.....

keep up the HOPE, it is working just fabulous for Obama

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