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Bowles and Simpson Violate Commission Charter and the Washington Post Covers Up

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 05:23

The Washington Post, which long ago abandoned rules of journalistic objectivity in pushing its agenda for cutting Social Security and Medicare, today covered up the plans by deficit commission's co-chairs to violate the commission's charter. The Post reported that the commission expects to delay voting on a plan until December 3. This means that the commission will miss the December 1 deadline for a final report specified in both its by-laws and its charter.

If the Post were not so committed to Bowles and Simpson's agenda then it would have called readers attention to the fact that they are violating the rules under which the commission was established. Of course, if it were following standard journalistic practices, the Post would have pointed out that the deficit increased not because of out of control spending, as the co-chairs have repeatedly claimed, but primarily due to the downturn caused by the collapse of the housing bubble.

It also would have pointed out that the huge long-term projected deficits are entirely attributable to the broken health care system. If the United States paid the same amount per person for health care as countries with longer life expectancies we would be facing huge budget surpluses, not deficits. However, because it editorial position dominates its news section, almost no readers of the Post would know this simple and important fact.

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Delayed Vote Due to Act of Honor to Reduce the Deficit
written by izzatzo, December 01, 2010 5:57
The reason for the delayed vote is that Bowles and Simpson plan to commit double hari kari before the vote to portray the flow of blood that will occur when the debt ceiling is not increased, which will surely sway the vote in their favor.

They're upset not only for lack of support, but sharp negative reactions steeped in the same old crap - emotion, fear, guilt and racism, which ignored the numbers from Bowles, despite how Simpson colored them in so skillfully with his common sense communication skills for real people outside of Washington.

As an act of honor under the Samurai code, hari kari will not only prove their ultimate sincerity for everyone to share in the sacrifice, it will also put the focus back on the numbers by highlighting the failed path to Japanese economics taken by the USA.

They need until Dec 3rd to say goodbye to all their supporters and get full body tattoos of all the spending programs that will be slashed ... this time literally.
written by joe, December 01, 2010 6:27
Looks like they wont' get any republican votes since the plan didn't include a large enough tax cut for the wealthy.
Wars are factors in the longer term deficits and debt
written by Mitchell Freedman, December 01, 2010 8:35
Agreed, Dean. But let's not forget the impact of the two wars on the current deficit and debt and longer term deficit and debt over the next decade. That and the health care costs that are not reigned in are the drivers, not welfare for "minorities" as defined by racists who inhabit the Tea Party folks, and the wealthy largely white elite in DC.

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