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David Broder Suffers from the Poor Communication Systems in Washington

Thursday, 28 October 2010 05:24

News travels slowly in Washington, which is one reason that the Washington Post (a.k.a. Fox on 15th Street) is often so out of touch with events. Today columnist David Broder bemoaned the fact that Republican Representative Paul Ryan: "has assumed the role of analyst and provocateur. But no one on the Democratic bench has taken up his challenge, so it is a dialogue of the deaf at this point." 

Actually Democrats across the country have had a field day attacking Mr. Ryan's plans for privatizing Social Security and Medicare. The main problem is that the Republican leadership disowns these plans and insists that Mr. Ryan only speaks for himself. Perhaps one day this news will reach the Post.

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Dean needs more coffee
written by frankenduf, October 28, 2010 8:17
Dean misses one of the larger yucks in the column- "the steadiest voice (explaining the economy) has come from Ben Bernanke"- must be from a conversation along the lines- 'hey Ben, during your tenure of leadership at the Fed, the economy crashed, and the threat of a lost decade looms due to negligent policy, why shouldn't u be fired?'- 'Easy now, steady'
Yeah, a right-winger
written by Rich2506, October 28, 2010 8:41
referred me to Paul Ryan's "brilliant plan" for re-doing the economy, %$#^@ right back into that hole in the ground the Bush dug for us.
BTW, someone in my local paper commented: "Rich: a history lesson. Bush warned at least seventeen times that allowing Fannie and Freddie to roam unfettered could lead to economic turmoil. Congress chose not to listen."
I responded that the causes of the housing bubble were a lot bigger than just Fannie & Freddie, but I was curious to hear this as I have zero memories of Bush saying anything about the economy being in trouble.
We've suffered David Broder for many, many years.
written by Scott ffolliott, October 28, 2010 8:55
David Broder suffers from John D. Rockefeller University's simplistic thinking. His relentlessly service to the ruling class has made him the insipid voice to television talk.
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written by boxer, November 03, 2010 4:22
THE REPS. DISOWN RYAN. That is duplicitous righty BS if it was ever spoken. Those creeps are the party of privatization. Oh, is it because of the wallstreet free market fraud, they want to distance themselves, it's too soon.
Let the market fix everything claptrap is over,

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