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Fracking Jobs in Ohio: Numbers Please!

Sunday, 04 March 2012 08:51

The Washington Post had a major story on the front page of its business section about the dilemma that Ohioans face over allowing fracking. After all, most believe that it will create jobs, but they also believe that it will damage the environment. That is really a tough call.

It would have helped if the paper had devoted a paragraph or two to putting some numbers behind this tradeoff. While it is difficult to put numbers on the environment side, in large part because the industry has worked hard to conceal evidence, it is not very hard to put numbers on the jobs side.

Based on the experience in Pennsylvania, it is likely that fracking would create less than 10,000 jobs in Ohio. While this is not altogether trivial, it would make up only about 3 percent of the 320,000 jobs lost since the recession began. This information would have been useful to people trying to assess the relative importance of the economic benefits and environmental risks.

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Did You Count These Peripherals?
written by Beth in OR, March 05, 2012 1:23
Emergency management jobs to respond to earthquakes caused by fracking.

Post earthquake reconstruction.

Water delivery truck drivers required after local and regional aquifers and wells are contaminated. (Those might not count because the costs are dumped onto the public as quickly as possible. Then they're just government jobs at taxpayer expense.)

Increased health care providers to address increasing toxic environmental impacts on public health.

Environmental restoration.

Increased legal practitioners to argue lawsuits..oh, wait....
President & Exec Director
written by John Colm, March 05, 2012 11:07
There are 3 studies...non really that satisfactory. One by Kleinhenz & Associates for the Ohio Oil & Gas Assn (projected a 200,000 "jobs affected" impact, a second by OSU that estimated 20,000 jobs and a 3rd, released last week that Cleveland State University led that estimated a 60,000 jobs impact. This last one was done for the Ohio Shale Coalition, a project of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

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