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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Claims Ads Promoting Obamacare Interfere With His Government Guaranteed Monopoly

Wednesday, 26 March 2014 01:59

I'm not kidding on this. If you wanted proof that Republicans have zero interest in a free market and that most reporters are too thick to notice you couldn't ask for a better example than Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's lawsuit against Moveon.org over billboards criticizing his decision not to extend Medicaid coverage in the state. As written up in a column by Katrina vanden Heuvel, the suit claims the billboards, which play off the state's tourism slogan, "Pick Your Passion," are causing damage to the state's tourism promotion efforts by reducing the value of its copyrighted slogan.

Could someone who believes in a free market really want the U.S. government to prevent someone from taking out billboards because of the damages they impose on business? Obviously Jindal doesn't give a damn about free markets, just like a person who runs a dog fighting ring doesn't care about animal rights. Fortunately for Jindal, he lives in a country where the media's definition of impartiality means that they cannot point out that a Republican who profits from dog fighting may not be committed to animal rights.

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Competition of Free Speech Reduced to a Whimper by Economic Predators
written by Last Mover, March 26, 2014 6:00

Well hey, if Jindal and his band of predator thugs are so passionate about "freedom of choice" as in "pick your passion", let them build their own goddamn private highways to ban whatever billboards they don't like.

The predators didn't get enough after destroying health care in America. Now they want your free speech, what little of it is left after Citizens United, which includes the freedom to hear and see it as well as speak and put it on billboards.

And they're happy to take it from you as you pay taxes for the highways they want to control like everything else in government they plundered and pillaged for private takeover.

Of course the invective venom spewed on billboards from the other side in single issue ads is perfectly appropriate isn't it, for which the slightest criticism draws a hammer on "whining liberals" who caused all those taxes and highways didn't they ... not the private car and truck industry who carefully designed them along with billboard rights.

Not even speech as money spent on billboards
is safe from the predators anymore.
An Ugly Little Man in Cowboy Boots
written by Larry Signor, March 26, 2014 11:11
If the Kochs were putting up anti-ACA billboards, would Mister Jindal be wasting federal, state and judicial resources to save the brains of the public? I suspect not. Therein lies the truth to Deans argument. Jindal is just another "Koch fighter", an asset to be used to push the plutocrats policies thru the gamut of the murmuring masses.

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