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More Mind Reading at the Washington Post

Saturday, 28 September 2013 09:52

If you ever wondered where all the psychics came from who hang their shingles around DC, the answer is that they are probably former Washington Post reporters. The paper again told readers what people think. In an article on how the latest battle over Obamacare has re-energized the Tea Party, the Post told readers:

"Obamacare, which seeks to extend health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, is viewed by tea party activists as a dangerous new government intrusion. They fear it will reduce their choices of medical providers and burden the weak economy."

Of course the Post has no clue as to how tea party activists actually view Obamacare or what they fear. Many may fear that the government will send death panels into their homes to deny them or their loved ones care since this is what many of their leaders have asserted. A real newspaper would report on what people say and leave speculation about their fears and beliefs to others.

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Tea Party Channels Grim Reaper, MSM Acquires Content Through FOIA Request
written by Last Mover, September 28, 2013 10:59

Please Dean Baker, don't mock MSM for reporting that Tehadis channel the Grim Reaper of Obamacare as a twin killer of jobs and patients through job panels and death panels. They really do.

And how does MSM know this? Through the NSA of course which listens in on all channels. Since the NSA and MSM are joined at the hip, it's not surprising where MSM gets its sources for news.

Journalism 101. Always have 2 or more independent sources before reporting something as legitimate news. Any economist knows since the cost of an additional FOIA request is negligible, the number of available independent sources is practically unlimited. The only reason no one knows this of course, is because recipients of FOIA responses by the NSA are never allowed to admit they exist.

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