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More Mind Reading at the Post

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 05:23

The Washington Post is quickly becoming an employment service for psychics. An article on the Republicans' latest budget and tax proposals, which will reduce tax rates on corporations and the wealthy, tells readers that Republicans believe that their plan "will spur economic growth and provide them with a politically potent election-year message."

Reporters know that politicians do not always say what they believe. This is why real newspapers only report what politicians say. Only psychics would try to tell people what politicians actually think.

This piece also wrongly implies that reducing the number of tax brackets from 6 to 2, as the Republicans propose, is connected to tax simplification. It isn't. To calculate one's taxes, it is necessary to go to the tax tables and see what you owe given your income level. This is the same process regardless of whether there are 2 tax rates or 200 hundred. (Thanks to Robert Salzberg for calling this one to my attention.)

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Cutting taxes does grow the economy
written by Tyler, March 20, 2012 10:38
While cutting taxes does cause the economy to grow, that doesn't mean we should cut Tom Cruise's taxes. Tom's doing okay. We need to cut taxes on Joe the Plumber, along with everyone else in the middle class.
written by Jack, March 20, 2012 4:27
Your tax bracket comment is sophistry. I need to know two numbers in a two bracket system: my taxable income and the dollar breakpoint between the two tables. Any increase in the number of tables is a reduction in "simplification". It's these really minor issues brought up by you (and others) that, in my case, detracts from the better, and larger, points you make. Have some sense of proportion.

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