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Problems With Signing Up for Obamacare Was a State Choice

Monday, 21 October 2013 04:16

Both the Post and the NYT have front page articles on the problems in the computer system that allows people to sign up for health care insurance through the federal exchange. It is worth noting that 14 states, including large ones like New York and California, have state run exchanges which have worked relatively well. The fact that people in other states are having difficulty signing up for insurance is the result of the decision of political leaders in those states not to establish their own exchanges. In other words, the problems are due to the fact that state leaders opted not to take responsibility themselves for setting up a well working system.

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Biting the Hand that Feeds You: How America is Betrayed Into Accepting Market Failure
written by Last Mover, October 21, 2013 6:36

In general it's the red states as the poorest states, where blocking access to the exchanges is most aggressive, and reverse for the blue states.

Given that Obamacare is largely about insurance reform rather than provider reform, this highlights the political lock the health insurance cartel has on America through control of the less (formally) educated with less income and wealth.

This is how the greatest nation on earth treats its least well off in an already sharply unequal distribution of unearned income and wealth going to the 1%.

Politically through their leaders and extremist constituency they buy it, hissing and fuming every step of the way how it will bring down America as the final nail in the economic coffin. Ironically enough, much of their target is loser liberals who can't even explain the economics of the situation.

All because of an attempt to correct the massive market failure of health care insurance. All because the correction is not even close to huge gains available from single payer, just ways to choose among competing prices from insurers for equivalent coverage by those who need it the most.

The horror. The shame. An insurance market that actually works better through efficiency driven by choice and reduction in market power, none of which increases debt or reduces growth as claimed by the crazies.

America hates free markets that work and failed markets that are corrected to work, and those that hate them the most are the ones who would benefit the most if they were allowed to work.
Federal site glitches and the states
written by liberalnlovinit, October 21, 2013 9:38
I keep hearing complaint after complaint for other states...but in Kentucky (where I live), I hear...nothing.

Could it be because our Democrat Governor Stephen Beshear opted into the state run system, opted in to the Medicaid option and set up a largely functional state website, with ample support for those who may not be that technologically adept?

Thank you Professor Baker in highlighting that if states weren't playing politics with our health and welfare, none of the complaints would be happening.
written by AbqMediMike, October 21, 2013 9:52
Dean, thanks for pointing out something that is so obvious that only the media could miss it.
oh come on, you're flailing wildly
written by joe, October 21, 2013 10:09
There is NO excuse for such a bad federal exchange site for that price tag. Regardless of whether certain red states were idiots and didn't set up their own exchanges, it was a technical disaster. It ended up with incompetence on top of incompetence with moron administrators and execs taking their cut along the way.

All you really needed was 4 or 5 of the best developers in the country, offer them $50 million a piece with another $50 million successful completion bonus... and it's not like America doesn't have companies that are experts in high volume websites that handle lots and lots of data. The technical expertise is certainly out there... NASA put a rover on friggin mars and we can't set up a health insurance exchange website?
written by watermelonpunch, October 21, 2013 10:27
I'm not really complaining because I live in the state of Pennsylvania, and if PA did decide to set up their own site under the administration of Tom Corbett... no doubt it would've been done even more lousy with more corrupt people skimming profits out of it somehow along the way.

Just look at the PA career link site. It's awful!! And it's supposedly considered working... because I believe that people on Unemployment compensation MUST use it.

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