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Tell the Post: Representative Cantor Cannot Acknowledge Something That is Not True

Saturday, 06 November 2010 07:53

In pushing its editorial line that Social Security and Medicare must be cut the Post told readers in a news story that:

"Cantor acknowledged that any effort to solve the nation's budget problems 'is going to have to deal with entitlements' - big, popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare (emphasis added)."

A real newspaper would have used a term like "asserted" or "claimed." Of course it is not necessary to deal with programs like Medicare and Social Security to fix the country's projected long-term budget problems as can be easily shown. It is necessary to fix the country's health care system. If per person health care costs in the United States were comparable to costs in other wealthy countries then our budget problems would be easily manageable.

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written by zinc, November 06, 2010 8:12
Kantor and cronies were just re-elected by the social security and medicare recipients, with the acknowledged agenda to gut the last remaining safety nets. Oh yea, current recipients don't have to worry, the cuts won't apply to them, just the new and current workers.

Death panels sound like a pretty good idea to me.
written by izzatzo, November 06, 2010 8:30
Mr Whose Your Nanny has done it now, trashing the scientific method itself.

Any economist knows that to acknowledge currently accepted truth is merely to accept that the proposition in question has not been refuted with a better explanation.

As a sanctimonious moral relativist like Baker knows, all truth is pending theory that stands until replaced by superior theory.

Truth never materializes under its teabagger version of ultimate, objective, permanent truth to which only they, like Cantor and press that report him, have access, and under the grace of God Almighty have chosen to share it with others who have fallen from that grace.

For example, if truth was ultimate and unchanging, and if Cantor was talking in the deep woods and no one was listening, it would still make a sound and be reported by MSM as "acknowledged".

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