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Syriza Is Opposed to the European Union's Anti-Growth Policy, Not the European Union

Monday, 26 May 2014 06:59

The Washington Post told readers that in several countries parties hostile to the European Union won in the elections to the European Parliament over the weekend. One of the countries on its list was Greece, where Syriza, the main opposition party received the most votes.

It is inaccurate to describe Syriza as being opposed to the European Union. The party has not called for Greece to leave the European Union. The party is opposed to austerity policies imposed on Greece by the European Union which have pushed the unemployment rate above 25 percent. By the I.M.F. measures, the lost output in Greece from being below potential GDP since 2010 is now approaching 30 percent of GDP, which would be more than $5.7 trillion in the United States. (This estimate is likely very conservative since the I.M.F. hugely reduced its estimate of Greece's potential GDP in the last few years.)

Syriza is opposed to these anti-growth policies. It is not opposed to the European Union.


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nyt too: anti-European Union vote gains aren't about unemployment, nor austerity
written by jaaaaayceeeee, May 26, 2014 12:36

The memo must have been the same: don't speak economic truth to economic power. On the home page of nyt, here's more not dining on those they dine with:

"In France, Britain and elsewhere, voters turned against traditional parties to support anti-immigrant groups opposed to the European Union".

written by Ag, May 27, 2014 2:48
I shall agree with this article. I live in Greece and can reassure you that SYRIZA is not Euro-reject but rather softly Eurosceptic. For an in-depth analysis of the subject, you may have a look at my MA Thesis, entitled "Party Euroscepticism in Greece during the Financial Crisis: the Cases of SYRIZA & Golden Dawn"


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