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The NYT Invents Economic Necessities for European Political Parties

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 04:57

Many prominent economists, including many with Nobel prizes, believe that Europe's economy, like the world economy, is desperately in need of more demand. Fortunately, the NYT is there to set them right.

It told readers today that social democratic parties in Europe must come to grips with the "necessity" of givebacks by workers. It would be great if the NYT could lay out its economic theory more fully so that those of us less expert in economics could understand how less demand in the current economy will spur growth and employment.

This new economic theory will make exciting reading if the NYT would share it with readers.

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Starve the Workers Theory
written by Paul, November 02, 2010 11:43
I think Hoover used that theory back in the early '30s.
written by fuller schmidt, November 02, 2010 2:48
I believe the theory is that growth in enjoyment by billionaires and growth in employment of their households staffs are patriotic concerns, ie., our freedoms.
written by opus diabos, November 04, 2010 8:53
How bout a 'giveback' by the imperial resource pirates accumulating the wealth of our common birthright down the centuries?I suppose we have to stop the ongoing pillage first.Close Shannon to militarey traffic.
Theory of Bootlicking Journalism
written by W. $treet, November 05, 2010 8:43
The NYT theory of economics is that there's no money in journalism that fails to support a conventional wisdom in which plutocracy is anything but the status quo.
agent in yiwu
written by agent in yiwu, November 09, 2010 1:49
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