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The Post Tells Readers that the Public Is More Concerned About Deficits Than Jobs

Sunday, 20 June 2010 13:00

The Post is always anxious to tell readers about the need to reduce the deficit, it's endlessly repeated editorial line. Of course this is the opposite of what the polling data show.

For example, a poll conducted by Pew on June 3-6 asked respondents which economic issue concerned them most. Forty one percent said jobs, only 23 percent said the deficit. A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll from early May found that by 35 percent to 20 percent people thought economic growth and job creation should be the first economic priority. Only 20 percent ranked the deficit first.

A Fox News poll, also done in early May, found that by a margin of 47 percent to 15 percent people thought the economy and jobs was a more important priority than the deficit and government spending. An early April NYT/CBS poll found that 23 percent of respondents listed the economy as the top priority, while 22 percent listed jobs. Only 11 percent listed the deficit.

So, the polls don't seem to support the Post's claim that the public is more worried about the deficit than jobs.

Thanks to Ben Somberg for calling this one to my attention and supplying the polling data.

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Small Sampling of Union Opinion
written by Union Member, June 20, 2010 7:56
As a construction union member in NYC, I speak to other members from all the trades on a daily basis on a variety of topics, and even though unemployment has devastated many members and scared to death the rest, , many members seem to be preoccupied in daily conversation with "illegal" immigration.

You can easily imagine where these guys get their news from. And even though this isn't very scientific, it tells me how dangerous and effective the Propaganda State is.

All this says to me is how dangerous the Propaganda State
written by Queen of Sheba, June 20, 2010 10:47
Union Member:
Construction is the trade whose workers are most affected by undocumented immigration, who are losing or have lost more jobs to immigrants than any other, so it's no surprise that those tradesmen place more importance on the immigration problem than any other. As the economy recovers, more construction jobs will be created, but the speed of the recovery is going to dictate how many jobs are created and how quickly.

Since when does what the public want make any difference to the deficit hawks? The politicians will take care of what they perceive "the markets" want first and deal with the fallout from the rest of us after the damage is done. Congress won't even pass a financial reform package with teeth, which every person on Main Street wants them to do.
i aint no 538
written by frankenduf, June 21, 2010 8:56
i would add a personal observation: the wealthy people i know are very concerned about the deficit; the poor people i know are worried about jobs- i think the honest response here is insulation- it's hard to 'see' what is not in your life experience

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