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The Washington Post Gets Out the Pom Poms

Thursday, 02 September 2010 05:14
Unfortunately, I am serious. It has a news article in today's paper with the headline: "five reasons for economic optimism." Real newspapers don't run pieces like this as news stories.
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they run the opposite too?
written by scott, September 02, 2010 6:34
Why are you so outraged now? There is indeed many good signs. You might read this article by a local journalistic treasure in DFW, Ed Wallace.


Real leading indicators are up, yet the banksters are poo-pooing the economy. This WaPo article IS news, it flies in the face of the short selling GS manipulators.
written by izzatzo, September 02, 2010 7:10
Several million unemployed were discovered still alive yesterday after being trapped underground in a mine accident where they were looking for work. However there is optimism because they can be rescued with a stimulus plan within four months.

Teams of psychologists have been called in to reduce uncertainty in their lives by adding structure, like organizing the number of job applications they have filed, making poems and keeping diaries about them. Also words like "regulation" and "taxes" are prohibited to prevent riots from fears of uncertainty.

The first videos show the unemployed engaged in job games to keep up their spirits, lining up in long lines, while someone at the front of each line says "Take Your Order Please".
smile with the moneyed classes or cry alone
written by frankenduf, September 02, 2010 7:57
that article should be called 5 reasons for jobless optimism
written by Ron Alley, September 02, 2010 8:18
Cheerleader in Chief? Been there -- seen that.
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