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Why Is the NYT Such an Ardently Protectionist Newspaper?

Sunday, 14 July 2013 20:29

Readers of the NYT must have been appalled to see that the only opinions presented in an article on a Brazilian plan to promote trade in physicians services were doctors who could expect to see lower pay as a result. This would be like reporting on a plan to reduce tariffs on imported textiles and only presenting the views of textile workers.

It would have been rather surprising if Brazil's doctors did not oppose a plan that would reduce their wages so it is not clear why the NYT apparently considers this fact big news. Usually when expanded trade is an agenda item the NYT presents the views of economists who explain how liberalized trade benefits the economy as a whole. For some reason that was not the case in this article.

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the writer is clueless
written by Tom, July 14, 2013 8:46
The NYTimes writer responsible for that article is a known blowhard -- he overwrites the clueless frugal traveler column -- and has little understanding of journalism. try going back and reading his 'reporting' before he became a full-time travel author, it's terrible.
For Some Reason? U Didn't Get The Memo!
written by James, July 14, 2013 8:59
You said for some reason.....

More competition and open market that adversely affect the wealthy, influential and powerful groups though benefit the 99% will not be written and published, acc. to an internal memo to all the executive editors.

Meanwhile, we need W$lmart to import more cheap goods so the population will benefit. Well, they might benefit if they still have a living-wage job at all.

Meanwhile, W$lmart's ads now feature white collar professionals. Well yeah, since their long-time blue-collar workers don't even have living-wage jobs and cannot even afford W$lmart now.
America Is Stealing the World’s Doctors
written by Alan InAZ, July 14, 2013 9:54

The ministry also said many countries, including the United States, regularly sought to attract foreign doctors.

How could you figure out anything from that article?
written by Jennifer, July 14, 2013 9:58
That article did not adequately explain anything. It is probable that Brazilian doctors are protesting foreign doctors because of concerns about pay. Like you say it would be helpful if some other sources were cited beside doctors-I have to think if lack of access is the primary problem it should have been easy to find advocacy groups who support the government's position. But if the poor infrastructure that was described is the norm it is not going to matter how many doctors there are.
written by NWsteve, July 14, 2013 11:11
Dr. Baker:
your review of this *article* clearly supports the obvious notion that the Mission Statement, "All the News That Is Fit to Print",
has become: "Only the *news* that we find fit to print", /s/, The Grey Lady...

the fourth estate sold-out-we-the-people a very long time ago,
this re-raises the financial question for me as to whether or not to continue the digital subscription to The NYT...

WaPo and NYT tag team voters with distractions while working for guess who
written by JaaaaayCeeeee, July 15, 2013 2:50

They make sure to have a few socially liberal articles or cya editorials a day. But they have a job to do for their sources, advertisers, and influential subscribers: promote the narratives that we must make tough decisions to reduce entitlements (not costs), ignore financialization and the looting of our economy, and policies that would increase wages, living standards, and competitiveness, as much as they possibly can.

When I read that the only senators who did not vote for trade rep nominee Michael Froman were Carl Levin, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Manchin, and Bernie Saunders, it wasn't in nyt or wapo.

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