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Yet More Editorializing in the Post’s News Section

Wednesday, 06 July 2011 08:32

An article on the congressional debate over a new transportation bill began:

“The next flash point in the debate over the nation’s will to live within its means may emerge this week as House Republicans present a long-term transportation bill expected to cut funding for highways and mass transit by almost one third.”

Characterizing the battle over the transportation bill as a “flash point in the debate over the nation’s will to live within its means” is crude editorializing that would not appear in a news section of a serious newspaper. It’s because of articles like this that the Post is known as “Fox on 15th Street.”

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Living Within Our Means
written by Paul, July 06, 2011 9:55
Since 1933, the U.S. has been able to print money at will without regard to a gold standard. Therefore, how is it even possible not to "live within our means?" Obviously, the federal government has virtually unlimited means to fund highways and other modes of transportation.

Has the WaPo not noticed the Interstate Highway System? Is it unaware of the airports that have been built over the last 60 years? Surely the Post must be aware of the vast transportation infrastructure known as MetroRail which has been built under its nose for the last 40 years.

Does the Post believe that all of these projects were paid with cash in advance?
What's good for the goose....
written by diesel, July 06, 2011 11:17
"After all, would we be paying doctors so generously if their answer to every problem was to apply leeches to bleed the patient?"

I lifted this quote from Dean's article in today's Counterpunch, Do Economists Bleed? because in one sentence, it seems to sum up the reasoning of the austerity gaggle.

Bleeding, whether through opening a blood vessel or applying leeches, was intended to restore the balance of humors circulating through the body just as austerity promises to restore the balance of money circulating through the economy. And just as the patient was bled till they swooned, so must the economy be starved of stimulus till demand is weakened to prostration.

It's debatable whether this constitutes an improvement over flagellating one's own back with thorny branches, but in the interests of justice, the economists who prescribe this treatment should allow their skulls to be trepanned to release the demonic spirits that possess them.

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