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Labor Market Policy Research Reports, Aug. 7 – 12, 2011

Written by Jane Farrell   
Friday, 12 August 2011 13:00

The Center for Economic and Policy Research, Center for American Progress, Economic Policy Institute, Employment Policy Research Network, and National Employment Law Project released the following LMPR Reports. 

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Diversity and Change: Asian American and Pacific Islander Workers
Hye Jin Rho, John Schmitt, Nicole Woo, Lucia Lin and Kent Wong

Center for American Progress

Reforming Public School Systems Through Sustained Union-Management Collaboration
Saul A. Rubinstein, John E. McCarthy

Economic Policy Institute

The Contraction in Construction Squeezed Immigrants Hardest
Heidi Shierholz

Debt Ceiling Deal Threatens Jobs, Economic Growth
Andrew Fieldhouse, Ethan Pollack

Employment Policy Research Network

Do Frictions Matter in the Labor Market?
Arindrajit Dube, T. William Lester and Michael Reich

National Employment Law Project

Fair Pay for Home Care Workers: Reforming the USDOL’s Companionship Regs Under the FLSA
Paul K. Sonn, Catherine K. Ruckelhaus, Sara Leberstein

Advancing Enforcement of the NLRA - Recent NLRB and ICE Guidance

Rights and Remedies for Undocumented Workers in Organizing

The Good Jobs Deficit: A Closer Look at Recent Job Loss & Job Growth Trends Using Occupational Data
Annette Bernhardt

Costly in Every Way: Harsh Anti-Immigrant laws cost Workers, Businesses, Taxpayers & Tax Collections

E-Verify Program:  Hurting Workers, Business and our Economic Recovery

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