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Labor Market Policy Research Reports, July 27-August 23, 2013

Written by Sheva Diagne   
Friday, 23 August 2013 13:45

The following labor market policy research reports were recently released: 

Center for American Progress

American Retirement Savings Could Be Much Better
Rowland Davis and David Madland

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

SNAP Enrollment Remains High Because Job Market Remains Weak
Chad Stone, Jared Bernstein, Arloc Sherman and Dottie Rosenbaum

Economic Policy Institute

A Decade of Flat Wages: The Key Barrier to Shared Prosperity and a Rising Middle Class
Lawrence Mishel and Heidi Shierholz

The Unfinished March: An Overview
Algernon Austin

Employment Policy Research Center

Why At-Will Employment Is Bad for Employers and Just Cause Is Good for Them
Ellen Dannin

National Employment Law Project

Wanted: Accurate FBI Background Checks for Employment
Madeline Neighly and Maurice Emsellem

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