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Labor Market Policy Research Reports, June 14 – June 20

Friday, 20 June 2014 14:58

The following reports on labor market policy were recently released:


Underwriting Good Jobs: How to Place over 20 Million Americans on a Pathway to the Middle Class Using Federal Purchasing Power
Robert Hiltonsmith and Lew Daly

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Repatriation Tax Holiday Would Lose Revenue and Is a Proven Policy Failure
Chuck Marr and Chye-Ching Huang

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

Pathways to Postsecondary Education for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
Cynthia B. Costello

The Urban Institute

The ACA and America’s Cities: Fewer Uninsured and More Federal Dollars
Matthew Buettgens and Jay Dev

Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

The Impact of Oakland’s Proposed City Minimum Wage Law: A Prospective Study
Michael Reich, Ken Jacobs, Annette Bernhardt, and Ian Perry

Center for American Progress

Breadwinning Mothers, Then and Now
Sarah Jane Glynn

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Women, Working Families, and Unions
Janelle Jones, John Schmitt, and Nicole Woo

Documenting the Need for a National Paid Family and Medical Leave Program: Evidence from the 2012 FMLA Survey
Helene Jorgensen and Eileen Appelbaum

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