Rep. DeLauro Cites Eileen Appelbaum's New Book Unfinished Business at Press Conference Introducing the FAMILY Act

Friday, 13 December 2013 16:44

On Thursday, December 12 legislation was introduced in the House and Senate that would provide workers with up to 12 weeks paid leave to recover from their own serious illness or disability or from childbirth or to care for seriously ill family members.

At a press conference on the FAMILY Act, which was sponsored by Representative Rosa Delauro and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Annette Bonilla, VP for HR at a San Francisco company, spoke about the many advantages for employers of the state's paid family and medical leave programs. In her remarks she cited Unfinished Business - the study of California's Paid Family Leave program coauthored by CEPR Senior Economist Eileen Appelbaum.

 Annette Bonilla, Representative Rosa Delauro, and Eileen Appelbaum at the press conference
Annette Bonilla, Representative Rosa Delauro, and Eileen Appelbaum 

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