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Let's Turn Samuelson's "Cut Social Security" Rant into a Game

Written by CEPR   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 10:00
Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson wants to know why the supercommittee isn't cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. After all, "... these 'entitlements' are the central cause of long-term budget deficits" and "[f]rom 2005 to 2035, their cost will nearly double as a share of national income," writes Samuelson. Over at Beat the Press, Dean Baker notes that yes, Medicare costs are expected to greatly increase over the next two decades, but the same is not necessarily true for Social Security. So if you bundle Medicare together with any program (Dean suggests "national park maintenance") you can make it look like that second program is also experiencing explosive growth. Give it a try in the comments below!
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$16 Muffins
written by JSeydl, November 22, 2011 11:49
So what you’re telling me is that the cost of Medicare and $16 muffins bought by the government (http://on-msn.com/vRkZ9M) is going to double as a share of national income over the next two decades? Say it ain’t so. How much, then, are these $16 muffins going to cost in 2035? And don’t you dare say $32.
What Rant?
written by hans, December 01, 2011 7:24
Anyone with a functional brain, realizes that most, if not all government program costs are out of control or GUI...

Our dearly beloved con-gress want the failed SS system, because it can be used for political favors and it's revenue, which goes into the general fund!

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