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Response from Representative Brooks to Dean's Letter

Written by CEPR   
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 14:15

"Congressman Brooks has stated that he knows of no Republican plans to reduce Social Security benefits people are getting right now. Proposals for changing the inflation measure for COLA’s could possibly reduce future increases in benefits.  We understand that many may consider this a “reduction” in benefits rather than “not increasing”. Either way, since it is a change in current policy, the point made by Mr. Baker is well-taken.  Congressman Brooks will consider this carefully as plans are made to move the country toward a more sound financial footing.  He stands by his fundamental position of doing whatever is necessary to protect the dependent, retired population.  Most importantly, this means preventing the government from going bankrupt.

The sad fact is, the latest budgeting agreement passed in Congress in conjunction with raising the debt ceiling is totally inadequate and keeps America solidly on the path to bankruptcy.  The plan cuts a mere $22 Billion in 2012 from a $1500 Billion dollar deficit .  If we go bankrupt, everything we care about is at risk.  Doubling everyone’s income taxes would not eliminate the deficit.  Removing the "Bush tax cuts for the wealthy" would raise only $80 Billion/year.  Both these results assume no impact on economic growth.  No, we can't tax our way out of this problem.  Congressman Brooks knows we have to grow our way out of this problem as well as cut unnecessary spending.  He will work to remove the roadblocks that prevent our people, the private sector, from creating the wealth we need to support our social programs."

Mark R. Pettitt, P.E. , Chief of Staff, Office of Congressman Mo Brooks

Read the original letter here.

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written by enorlin, August 03, 2011 3:52
I'd be interested to see how a government that issues its own currency could ever "go bankrupt", as the letter puts it. Anyone?

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