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There Was No Deficit Commission Report

Written by CEPR   
Wednesday, 20 July 2011 14:30
You would think someone in the media would have picked up on this by now, but Dean Baker over at Beat the Press has been correcting everyone lately. Fact: The Simpson-Bowles report never got the support from the necessary majority of the commission, which means no report was approved by the commission. So the next time you read about cuts to Social Security recommended by the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission, please remind the person who wrote that the deficit commission never approved a report. It's like a unicorn, it doesn't exist.
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written by Roger Dubris, July 24, 2011 11:59
I thought there was a report, it just didn't reach the 14 of 18 votes necessary to be formally submitted to the President. The report wasn't just Simpson and Bowles, but 9 other members voted in favor of it. 11 of 18 is still better than 60%. If you want, I suppose you could say it's a majority report, or maybe even a report of 11 of 18 members. But to say there was no report at all is just... incorrect? It obviously exists.

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