Boushey and Chimienti Introduce Bridging the Gaps to Minnesota Partners

Wednesday, 19 July 2006 13:03
In a welcome break from the DC heat, CEPR Economist Heather Boushey and Domestic Outreach Assistant Liz Chimienti skipped town for two very productive days in Minnesota. In three meetings organized by our Minnesota state partners, Heather met with over a dozen researchers and advocates to introduce them to the Bridging the Gaps project and get invaluable feedback on our initial findings.

On Thursday morning, the Minnesota Policy Research & Analysis Network invited Heather to present updated findings from her paper "Are Mothers Opting Out? Debunking the Myth" to a receptive audience of over 30 people (including State Senator Ellen Anderson). Diane Cushman, Director, Office on the Economic Status of Women, MN Legislature, and Steve Hine, Research Director, Labor Market Information Office, MN Department of Employment and Economic Development, responded to her findings. The fabulous and thought-provoking discussion was recorded by a reporter from NPR, so Minnesotans, don't touch that dial!