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Latin American Debt and Growth Linkages

Thursday, 20 April 2006 12:43
Mark Weisbrot spoke on Latin American debt and growth linkages as part of the workshop discussion One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Latin American HIPC Countries after Debt Cancellation, sponsored by Eurodad and Oxfam Bolivia. Other speakers included Gail Hurley of Eurodad, Javier Gómez of CEDLA (Bolivia), Katy Murillo of Fundación Jubileo (Bolivia), Mauricio Díaz, FOSDEH (Honduras), and Adolfo Acevedo and Violeta Delgado of Coordinadora Civil (Nicaragua). Thomas Kruse of Oxfam Bolivia moderated the event and the Economic Policy Institute and Global Policy Network hosted it.  The event included a productive discussion about the challenges for debt relief in Latin America.
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