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CEPR in the Blogs: October-December 2009


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October - December 2009

FireDogLake: Right and Left Agree: Mandates are the Road to Neo-Feudalism
December 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Paul Krugman (New York Times): Fannie, Freddie, and Full Faith
December 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Yglesias (Think Progress): Exchange Rate Policy as Monetary Policy
December 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)k

Paul Krugman (New York Times): Renminbi RX
December 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: Why I Reached Out to Grover Norquist on Fannie/Freddie
December 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Calculated Risk: Modifications: The Rentership Society
December 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wonk Room (Think Progress): House Democrats: Transactions Tax ‘Very Much’ On The Table For 2010 Deficit Reduction
December 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Arena (Politico): The Senate Health Care Vote
December 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: EU, IMF Revolt: Greece, Iceland, Latvia May Lead the Way
December 14, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Gather: "Flat Broke in the Free Market" by Jon Jeter: A Book Review: Part One.
December 14, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Working Life: The Health Insurance Industry: The Greatest Debt Threat
December 14, 2009

Think Progress: Despite Market Plunge, DeMint Calls For Privatizing ‘Socialistic’ Social Security
December 14, 2009

Felix Salmon (Reuters): Don't Ask Taibbi to be Krugman
December 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Jim Nichols: Obama Makes up Nonsense...and Media Does What It Does Best--Says Nothing About It
December 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Working (In These Times): Will New Financial Reforms Be Enough to Prevent Another Meltdown?
December 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CtW Connect: Welcome to Lost Wages
December 11, 2009

AFL-CIO Now Blog: A Call to Arms for Civil Rights Activists
December 11, 2009

Real Estate Wonk (Baltimore Sun): The Baltimore-area Housing Market, Nov. 09 Edition
December 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Editor's Cut (The Nation): A Modest Proposal to Save the States
December 10, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: How Should Congress Pay for a Jobs Package?
December 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Internationalist (Newsweek): In Bolivia, It's the Economy, Estupido
December 8, 2009

Progressive States Network: Foreclosure and Anti-Predatory Lending Reforms
December 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Working (In These Times): Unemployment Toll: $1 Trillion in Lost Wages
December 4, 2009 (John Schmitt, Dean Baker)

Credit Writedowns: Unemployment Rate Recedes as Worst of this Downturn is Over
December 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Beat (The Nation): Bernie Sanders Fights to Block Bernanke Confirmation
December 3, 20009 (Dean Baker)

Dollars & Sense Blog: Bernanke's Re-Confirmation Testimony
December 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: Will Reid and Dodd Ignore Bipartisan Hold on Bernanke And Shield the Banks?
December 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: Beyond The White House Jobs Summit – Ideas For Job Creation
December 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Political Animal (Washington Monthly): It's Not About the Deficit, It's About Jobs
December 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: Exclusive: Republican To Place Additional Hold On Bernanke In Senate Banking Committee
December 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Political Hotsheet (CBS News): Politics Today: Obama Explores Modest Steps for Job Creation
December 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Working (In These Times): Progressives’ Memo To Obama: How To Create Jobs
December 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Media Matters for America: Contradicting Broad Economic Consensus, Right-Wing Media Use Jobs Summit to Declare Stimulus Has Failed
December 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: James Galbraith on How Government Deficits Saved Us and Are Still Needed
December 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

SEIU Blog: Big Business's Skewed View on Paid Sick Leave
November 25, 2009

Progress Illinois: What About Work-Sharing?
November 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: Does the Jobs Bill Push Mean the Stimulus Failed?
November 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

EconoSpeak: Judith Miller on the Economics Beat
November 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Pace Law Library: Changing Face of Labor 1983-2008 Report
November 24, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Paul Krugman (New York Times): Deficit Hysteria
November 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FAIR Blog: For Parade Magazine, the Middle Class Starts at 100K
November 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Brad DeLong: In Which Dean Baker Is Unhappy with the New York Times's Edmund Andrews
November 23, 2009

RGE Monitor: Government Debt Hysteria
November 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Jim Nichols: Why We Need Health Care Reform--the US Budget Deficit
November 23, 2009

Wonk Room (Center for American Progress): Financial Services Industry Warns That Transactions Tax Will Cause ‘Stalling Of The Stock Market’
November 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Zero Hedge: Is America Finally Starting to Stand Up To Wall Street?
November 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: Help Us Help Alan Grayson Save Federal Reserve Audit Bill
November 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Baseline Scenario: What Did TARP Do?
November 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FireDogLake: Ryan Grim and Naomi Klein on MSNBC, Discuss FDL Audit the Fed Letter
November 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Arena (Politico): Obama in China
November 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Money & Company (Los Angeles Times): Real Estate Roundup
November 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters Blogs: Understanding the AIG Decision
November 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Geary Behavioural Economics Blog: Paying People to Work Shorter Hours
November 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

EconoSpeak: Is The Media Being Hysterical About The Dollar?
November 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Beat (The Nation): Congress Can Move Now to Prevent Layoffs, Plant Closings
November 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Working (In These Times): Unions Must Attract the Young and Hip—or Become Obsolete
November 16, 2009

Business Blog (The Atlantic): Should We Try to Make More Public or Private Sector Jobs?
November 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Zero Hedge: Can We Save America?
November 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Yglesias (Center for American Progress): Is It Too Late for Work-Sharing?
November 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wonk Room (Center for American Progress): Is Work Sharing A Viable Solution To The Unemployment Problem?
November 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Seeking Alpha: Another Cost of Too-Big-to-Fail
November 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Workday Minnesota: More Women, College Graduates are Union Members
November 15, 2009 (John Schmitt)

The Stump (The Oregonian): Putting People to Work Would Pay Off Now, Later
November 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

AFL-CIO Now Blog: Asian Pacific Americans Tell Their Stories at First National Workers’ Rights Hearing
November 13, 2009

Ezra Klein (Washington Post): Who Belongs to Unions?
November 13, 2009

Working Life: The Changing Face of The Union Workforce
November 12, 2009

SEUI Blog: The Changing Face of Labor: More Women, More Diversity
November 12, 2009 (John Schmitt)

The Plank (The New Republic): Labor Today
November 11, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Economix (New York Times): Union Members Getting More Educated
November 11, 2009

Working (In These Times): Meet Rose the Nurse, the New Face of Labor
November 11, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Dollars & Sense Blog: 'Politicization' of the Fed
November 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Zero Hedge: Military Spending is INCREASING Unemployment and REDUCING Economic Growth
November 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters Blogs: Right-to-Rent Becomes a Reality
November 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Rebuilding the Economy (Christian Science Monitor): Dodd Bill Aims to Simplify the Patchwork of Bank Regulation
November 10, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Money & Politics (Business Week): Union Workforce Increasingly Female, Diverse
November 10, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Leadership Council on Civil Rights: New Report Finds Greater Diversity in U.S. Union Membership
November 10, 2009

TAPPED (American Prospect): Think Tank Round-Up: Obvious Benefits to the Economy Edition
November 10, 2009

Girl w/ Pen: Woman's Nation = Workers' Nation
November 10, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Wonk Room (Center for American Progress): Why Is Geithner Dead Set Against A Financial Transactions Tax?
November 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters Blogs: America's Jobless Recovery
November 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wonk Room (Center for American Progress): Unemployment Hits 10 Percent — Are Tax Credits For Homebuyers And Seniors The Best We Can Do?
November 6, 2009 Dean Baker)

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: How Can Lawmakers Address Rising Unemployment?
November 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Business Blog (The Atlantic): You Get a Tax Credit! You Get a Tax Credit!
November 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Daily Intel (New York Magazine): Unemployment Rises to 10.2 Percent
November 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

TAPPED (American Prospect): Fannie Mae Adopts Right-to-Rent
November 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: Election Day Lessons?
November 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Marginal Utility (PopMatters): Rent Revolt
November 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Girl w/ Pen: Shamming Sick Days? No. Shamming Data? Yes.
November 2, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: Paying for Afghanistan
October 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Working (In These Times): Where Credit is Due: Tax Breaks to Spur Hiring?
October 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Mojo Blog (Mother Jones): Economic Dishonesty
October 29, 2009 (John Schmitt)

The Notion (The Nation): Bankers and Their Victims
October 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Media Matters for America: Dick Morris Celebrates Opposite Day, Fails Depression Era/World War II Quiz
October 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

AFL-CIO Now Blog: Wall Street to Main Street: Lick My Versaces
October 21, 2009

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: What Should Congress Do About Wall Street Pay, Bonuses?  Anything?
October 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Center for International Finance & Development: The IMF Faces Post-Crisis Criticism
October 15, 2009

Angry Bear: Globalized Medicare Vouchers
October 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Conversation (New York Times): The Economy is Still in a Funk
October 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Nieman Watchdog: Story Ideas, from an Expert
October 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Main Street (Working America): 'Showdown in Chicago' to Protest Bankers
October 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

TAPPED (American Prospect): Think Tank Round-Up: Potential Backlash Edition
October 13, 2009

The Hearing (Washington Post): The Misplaced Tough-Mindedness of National-Debt Hawks
October 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New Economy Blog (Christian Science Monitor): Four Ways the Recession Could Change US Capitalism
October 12, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Progress Illinois: Dean Baker Urges Readers to "Come to Chicago"
October 12, 2009

Economist's View: Labor Markets Need More Help
October 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Gaggle (Newsweek): Why the CBO's Estimates Shouldn't Count for Much
October 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Working Life: Tax Credit or New Stimulus or Both?
October 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Dollars and Sense Blog: Old Habits at the IMF
October 5, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Working Life: Big Banks Thank You For The Break
October 1, 2009

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: Should Rep. Grayson Apologize?
October 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)