CEPR in the News: April-June 2006

CEPR in the News (Archive)

April - June 2006

Florida Today: Small Businesses Show Big Growth in Brevard
June 27, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Miami Herald: Development Bank Seeks New Approach to Latin America's Problems
June 26, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

News Tribune (MO): New Alternative High School Coordinator Making Plans to Catch Potential Dropouts
June 26, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer: Senate Votes to Raise PA Wage Rate
June 23, 2006 

Economist.com: Wage Rage
June 22, 2006

Christian Science Monitor: If Minimum Wage Is Raised, Who Benefits?
June 22, 2006

Kansas City InfoZine: An Impoverished Minimum Wage?
June 21, 2006
(Heather Boushey)

Washington Times: Pay-Up Time For Grads
June 19, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

MSN Money: Minimum Wage Hike Proposal Comes to House Floor
June 18, 2006

Marketplace: Inflating Inflation
June 16, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Guardian Unlimited: Profile: Ben Bernanke
June 16, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Peoria Star Journal (IL): LaHood Ignores Party, Supports Wage Increase
June 16, 2006

Los Angeles Times: U.S. 'Stagflation' Worries Mount
June 15, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

Ashland Daily Press (WI): Uphill Fight Ahead On Raising Minimum Wage
June 15, 2006

NPR Morning Edition: Bank Tries New Approach to Latin American Poverty
June 13, 2006
(Mark Weisbrot)

CNN/Money: Getting the Price(s) Right
June 13, 2006
(Dean Baker)

Marion Star (OH): Lawmakers, Experts Worry Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Have Risky Portfolios
June 13, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Christian Science Monitor: Democracy and the 'Death Tax'
June 12, 2006
(Mark Weisbrot)

Lansing State Journal: Risk-Level At Heart of Congress' Debate
June 12, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

Financial Times: Is This Really Feminism?
June 11, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

New York Times: With Oil's Cash, Venezuelans Consume (Subscription required)
June 8, 2006
(Mark Weisbrot) 

AlterNet: Myth of the Liberal Nanny State
June 8, 2006 (interview with Dean Baker)

CNN/Money: States Take Lead On Minimum Wage
June 8, 2006
(Heather Boushey)

New York Times: When Sweet Statistics Clash With a Sour Mood (Subscription required)
June 4, 2006
(Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Illegals Look at Housing With Caution
June 4, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

Columbus Dispatch: Student Loans Hold New Graduates Back
June 3, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

San Francisco Chronicle: Fear of a Slowdown Fueled By Jobs Data
June 3, 2006
(Dean Baker)

Northwest Herald (IL): This Isn't Your Parents College Debt
June 2, 2006 

Christian Science Monitor: Students Rush to Consolidate Loans Before July 1
June 1, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Akron Beacon-Journal (OH): They Owe As Off to School They Go
May 28, 2006

Associated Press: Venezuela Aids Bolivia Gas Nationalization
May 26, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Christian Science Monitor: Why the Rich Get the Most Tax Goodies
May 22, 2006 (Dean Baker)

The Philadelphia Daily News: The Conservative Welfare State
May 19, 2006 (op-ed by Dean Baker) 

Washington Post: Housing Cool-Down Is 'Orderly,' Fed Chief Says 
May 19, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Education and Economics
May 18, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Christian Science Monitor: For Graduates, Student Loans Turn Into An Albatross
May 17, 2006

Wall Street Journal: The Evening Wrap
May 5, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

CNN/Money: Working on the Housing Boom
May 3, 2006 (Dean Baker)

PBS NewsHour: Bolivia Takes Control
May 2, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Chicago Tribune: Retirement System Woes Grow Worse
May 2, 2006 (Dean Baker)

NPR: Bolivia Takes Control of Domestic Energy Industry
May 2, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNN/Money: Student Loans - A Life Sentence
May 1, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

East African (Kenya): IMF Losing Grip on Developing Countries
May 1, 2006

Wall Street Journal: Bloggers Debate Galbraith's Legacy
April 30, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

Washington Post: Home-Sales Forecast Not Rosy
April 29, 2006 (Dean Baker)

BBC Mundo: El fin es la integración  
April 27, 2006 (Luis Sandoval) 

IPS: Rich Nations Use IMF-World Bank Meet to Advance Own Agenda
April 25, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Grand Rapids Press (MI): Let Uncle Sam Run Medicare and Save A Lot
April 25, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Christian Science Monitor: Warning Flags Flutter on Economy
April 24, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Washington Post: Open-Ended Equations
April 20, 2006 (Dean Baker and David Rosnick)

Grand Forks Herald: Increasing Number of Minnesota Women Are Leaving Work Force
April 19, 2006

CNN/Money: Oil, Rising Rates Could Spoil the Party
April 18, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

Philadelphia Inquirer: Cashing In On Housing Boom
April 16, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

CBS2: Analysts: Chicago Home Prices On the Rise
April 11, 2006 (Dean Baker) 

USA Today: Few Highly Skilled Workers Allowed In
April 11, 2006

Christian Science Monitor: US Economy's Latest Output: Better Jobs
April 11, 2006 (John Schmitt)

Wall Street Journal: Economists React: Tighter Jobs, Tighter Rates?
April 7, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Herald News (NJ): Plan to Cut Major Census Survey Draws Outcry
April 3, 2006 (Heather Boushey) 


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