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April - June 2009

Associated Press: $1.2 Billion in Debts Canceled to Help Haiti
June 30, 2009 (Dan Beeton)

Reuters: Honduras Coup Holds Few Risks for Latin Leftists
June 30, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Mother Jones: Congress's $1.2 Million a Day Drug Habit—and Pharma's Phony "Gift" to Health Care Reform
June 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

City Limits (NY): Ecuadorians in NYC Mull a Migration Home
June 29, 2009

Markets Media Online: The Dividend Difference
June 29, 2009

Al-Jazeera: World Leaders Condemn Honduran Coup
June 29, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Russia Today: “Zelaya May Be Returned Soon”
June 29, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

BBC World: Interview With Mark Weisbrot on the Coup in Honduras
June 28, 2009

Huffington Post: Pecora Whirling
June 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

KVBC (NBC, Las Vegas): What the Unemployment Rate Doesn't Tell Us
June 25, 2009 (John Schmitt, Dean Baker)

Reuters: New Fed Powers Not Matched with Accountability
June 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hill: Employee Free Choice Act: A Second Stimulus
June 24, 2009

Associated Press: Meltdown 101: Where do Home Prices Really Stand?
June 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Progressive: At Press Conference, Obama Retreats on Health Care, Economy
June 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Capital Times (WI): Tammy Baldwin vs. the Political Lockstep
June 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Xinhua: What is Driving Oil and Gas Prices?
June 24, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Inter Press Service: World Bank, IMF Heads Skip Summit on Global Crisis
June 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: 238 Members of Congress Disagree with Obama: The Fed Needs More Accountability
June 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Sacramento Bee (CA): Bailed-Out Bank's Deals Raise Concerns
June 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Associated Press: More Transparency Needed from Fed
June 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Watertown Daily Times (NY): Federal Dependents
June 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Arena: Is the Fed Getting Too Much Power?
June 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

MSNBC: Financial Reform Still in the Early Innings
June 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: Swine Flu Outbreak at Miami Immigration Center to be Discussed on AFGE Radio Show
June 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Miami Herald: Obama Rolls Out Sweeping Financial Regulation Package
June 17, 2009

Politico: Arena: What Obstacles Await Obama on Health Care?
June 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Forbes: Congress' Chance To Change The IMF
June 17, 2009

CNBC: Financial Reform Stirs Debate: How Much Power to Give Fed?
June 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Guardian: Obama Launches Overhaul of US Financial Regulation
June 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hill: Financial Overhaul Plan Draws Many Critics
June 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hill: Norquist, GOP Pin Hopes on Spending
June 16, 2009

Flashpoints (KPFA FM): The U.S. Congress Passes a $106 Billion War Spending Bill
June 16, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot joins the program at 39:55)

Free Speech Radio News: IMF Obligations Get in the Way of US War Spending Bill
June 16, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Reuters: Obama Officials Lobby Lawmakers to Approve IMF Money
June 15, 2009

NJBIZ: Bill to Allow Mandatory Paid Time Off Faces Opposition from Business
June 15, 2009

Your Money (CNN): Who Picks Up America's Spending Tab?
June 13, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Politico: Arena Digest: Exec Pay Reforms: Useful or Useless?
June 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Dissident Voice: Will There be Zimbabwe-Type Hyperinflation in the USA?
June 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Workforce Management: SHRM, Democrats Tangle Over Paid-Sick-Days Bill
June 11, 2009

The Motley Fool: The Most Dangerous Way to Invest Today
June 11, 2009 (Dean Baker, David Rosnick)

Huffington Post: The IMF Accountability Moment
June 10, 2009

Las Vegas Review: Home Sales Up, Prices Down
June 10, 2009

CSPAN: Morning Hour, House Proceeding
June 9, 2009

The Hill: Frank Defends Intervention to Save GM Facility in his District
June 9, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Radio Free Europe: China, Russia Line Up To Buy IMF's First Bonds
June 9, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNBC: Four More for Ben?
June 8, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Wall Street Journal: Obama's Speeches Setting a High Bar for Results
June 8, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Huffington Post: Simon Johnson: Via IMF, Our Tax Money Will Bail Out Eurobanks
June 8, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Hill: Bad Jobs Data Spur Obama on Stimulus
June 8, 2009 (John Schmitt)

St. Petersburg Times: Sick Times Means a Healthier Economy
June 7, 2009

Deutsche Presse Agentur: Boosting US Funds for IMF Proves a Hard Sell for Obama
June 6, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

USA Today: Mortgage Crisis Robbing Seniors of Golden Years
June 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Fox Business: Congress Reaction to Job Numbers
June 5, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

UPI: AARP Says Recession Hitting Retirees Hard
June 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Realtor Magazine: Housing Crisis Tarnishes Golden Years
June 5, 2009

Greenwich Time: Rep's Case Against Sick Leave is Superficial
June 4, 2009

USA Today: Benefit Spending Soars to New Highs
June 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Former Treasury Secretary Summers Adapts His Style
June 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Charlotte Observer: Don't Take Educational Opportunity Away in N.C.
June 3, 2009

Campus Progress: Righting Past Wrongs
June 1, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

New Zealand Herald: 100,000 Jobs May Go as GM Falls
June 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Observer (UK): President's GM Aid Plan Under Fire
May 31, 2009 (Dean Baker)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Foreclosures Increasing for Prime Loans
May 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

MarketWatch: Ill and on the Job
May 29, 2009

Christian Science Monitor: Why the IMF Should Lighten Up on the World’s Poorest Nations
May 29, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Inter Press Service: NGOs Oppose Nearly 100-Billion-Dollar Pledge to IMF
May 29, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

MarketWatch: Geithner Goes to Beijing to Manage Bad Marriage
May 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Portside With Burt Cohen (WSCA FM): 3rd World Economy and $108 Billion for IMF
May 28, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Mother Jones: The Banking Crisis Revisited
May 27, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNN Money: When it Makes Sense to Rent
May 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Nation: The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold
May 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

PBS Nightly Business Report: Reviving the Economy: Signs of Stimulus?
May 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Financial: New Funds for IMF Approved by U.S. Senate Would Worsen Global Economic Downturn, Economists Say
May 23, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

New York Times: U.S. Jobless Rate May Soon Top Europe’s
May 22, 2009 (John Schmitt, Hye Jin Rho, Shawn Fremstad)

Financial Times: U.S. Health Reforms Focus on Cost Control
May 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Alan Grayson to Introduce Paid Vacation Act
May 21, 2009

Daily Record (NJ): Doc: We All Need to Take Time Off
May 21, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Huffington Post: Rosa DeLauro: Swine Flu "Looming Large" Behind Sick Leave Bill
May 20, 2009

Detroit Metro Times: Two Steps Left
May 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Inter Press Service: Banks in Recovery as Home Foreclosures Hit Record
May 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Paid Vacation Bill Goes To The Hill
May 19, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Uprising Radio: New Efforts to Expand American Vacation and Sick Leave
May 19, 2009

Huffington Post: U.S. Sick Leave Policy Makes Nation More Vulnerable To Swine Flu
May 19, 2009

FOX Business: TARP's Evolving Legacy
May 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Boston Globe: Geithner Gains Currency
May 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Real News Network: Borrowing Into Submission?
May 16, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Charleston Gazette: Study Shows Workers Gain From Unionization
May 16, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Plain Dealer (OH): How About a Bailout for Social Security?
May 16, 2009

New York Times: Bill Would Guarantee Up to 7 Paid Sick Days
May 15, 2009

Inter Press Service: IMF Using Global Crisis to "Re-Launch" Itself
May 15, 2009 (Deborah James)

Mother Jones: Next Up: The Battle Over Wall Street Reform
May 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Buffalo News: U.S. Plan is to fix, not Run, Companies
May 10, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Job Losses Slow in April, but the Toll is Still Heavy
May 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

American Prospect: A Stalled Counterrevolution
May 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: U.S. Jobless Rate Hits 8.9%, but Pace of Losses Eases
May 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Timothy Geithner's Bailout Dollar Recycling May Be Illegal
May 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

PBS NewsHour: 'Stress Tests' Put Credibility of Banks, Regulators Back in Spotlight
May 7, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

Marketplace (American Public Media): Let Some Big Banks Fail!
May 7, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

CNBC: Should Government Fire Bank CEOs?
May 7, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Young Turks: Dean Baker Discusses the Financial Crisis
May 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Foreclosure: In The Midst Of Crisis, No Reliable Data
May 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Six Steps To Dis-Empowering Wall Street
May 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hill: Bernanke Confident Ahead of Stress Tests
May 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNBC: Stress Test Results Won't End The Uncertainty Over Banks
May 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Creditors May Have Pushed For Chrysler Bankruptcy To Rake In Bailout Cash
May 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Lancaster Eagle-Gazette (PA): Dreams of a Multi-Polar World? Be Careful What You Wish For
May 5, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Indianapolis Star: Plunder and Blunder
May 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Roll Call: EFCA is a Priority for Many Civil Rights Leaders
April 30, 2009

The Australian: The Monthly's Success Up to Me: Magazine Publisher
April 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Washington Post: U.S. in Control: Its Goal to Fix, Not Run Firms
April 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Observer (Uganda): It’s Time for Home-Grown Policies
April 29, 2009 (Ha-Joon Chang)

Alternet: We Need to Make Good Jobs Out of "Green Jobs"
April 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

NPR: Thoroughly Modern Marx
April 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Savannah Morning News (GA): Savannah's Housing Not Affordable for Many, Study Shows
April 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNBC: Optimism About US Economy May Be Wishful Thinking: Panel
April 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Progressive: The Meaning of Arlen Specter's Party Switch
April 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Observer (UK): Can the IMF Now Feed the World?
April 26, 2009
(Mark Weisbrot)

The Telegraph (UK): US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Says He is "Encouraged" by Slowdown in Recession
April 25, 2009
(Mark Weisbrot)

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Renters Find Affordable Housing Scarce
April 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Columbus Dispatch (OH): Avoiding Cuts at All Costs
April 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Marketplace (American Public Media): Scrutinizing the Role of the IMF
April 24, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Post (Zambia): ‘IMF still prescribing harmful policies’
April 24, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Inter Press Service: Struggle to Solve Crisis Moves to IMF, World Bank
April 24, 2009

Washington Times: IMF Eases Limits on Loans
April 24, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

BBC: The International Monetary Fund Returns
April 24, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

San Diego Union-Tribune: Default Notices Hit Record in County
April 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Peninsula Clarion (AK): Labor, Business Spar Over Free Choice Act
April 23, 2009 (John Schmitt)

News & Observer (NC): House Panel Airs Bad Loans Bill
April 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Arena: Climate Change Legislation?
April 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Deutsche Presse-Agentur: IMF Set for Huge Expansion as World Finance Ministers Meet
April 23, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Politico: Before King, Obama's Base was Laid
April 23, 2009
(John Schmitt)

The Morning Show (KPFA, 94.1 FM CA): April 22, 2009
April 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

VOA: IMF Enters Spring Meetings Full of G20 Cash
April 22, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Politico: Arena: Is This a Good or Bad Year for Immigration Reform?
April 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNN Money: Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide
April 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Financial Times: US Cannot Rely on Inventory Cycle to Lead Way to Recovery
April 20, 2009 (Eileen Appelbaum)

Between the Lines: Obstacles Stand in Way of Thaw in U.S. - Cuban and Venezuelan Relations
April 20, 2009 (Interview with Mark Weisbrot)

Asheville Citizen-Times (NC): Study: Rental Housing Is ‘Out of Reach' for Many
April 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Louisville Courier-Journal (KY): Renters Struggling in Tough Economy
April 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Dallas Morning News: Sure You Want to Be a Homeowner?
April 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Minnesota Public Radio: Obama Voices Cautious Optimism on the Economy
April 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Xinhua: Port of Spain Braces for Americas Summit
April 17, 20009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Foster's Daily Democrat (NH): Report: Home Foreclosures Put Pressure on Availability of Affordable Rental Units
April 16, 2009 (Dean Baker) The Prophets of Doom
April 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CQ Politics: Time to Re-read the Economic Tea Leaves
April 16, 2009
(Dean Baker)

Politico: Arena: Is Obama a Polarizing President?
April 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Diane Rehm Show (NPR): State of the U.S. Economy
April 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Arena: One Change in the American Tax System
April 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Metro Times (MI): Hard Times
April 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Progressive: Obama's Speech on the Economy Falls Flat
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNBC: Abolishing the Income Tax?
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Forbes: U.S. Cities Where It's Hardest To Get By
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Connecticut Post: Rents Unaffordable, Especially in Fairfield County
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Time Magazine: Goldman's Profits: Gambling with Taxpayer Money?
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNBC: Affordability Not Improving for Renters Nationwide
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

St. Petersburg Times (FL): Cuba Likely to Dominate Obama's Attention at Summit of the Americas
April 14, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Daily News (CA): Roommates Become a Necessity for Some
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hour (CT): Stamford-Norwalk Region Most Expensive for Renters in Country
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Arena: The Administration's Policy Shift on Cuba: Too Far, Too Little, Just Right?
April 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Democracy Now!: Noam Chomsky on the Global Economic Crisis, Health Care, US Foreign Policy and Resistance to American Empire
April 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Talk of the Nation (NPR): Bailout Bonds: Should Small Investors Buy In?
April 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wisconsin State Journal: Jobless Spike Should Scare Obama
April 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Uprising Radio (KPFK, 90.7 FM L.A.): Is Social Security Under Threat Again?
April 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Work with Marty Nemko (KALW, CA): Will Obamanomics Work?
April 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Los Angeles Times: HUD's Dollar Homes Falls Short of Mission
April 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Daily Herald (WA): Property in Mexico Remains a Safe Investment
April 12, 2009

UPI: HUD Program Benefits Investors, Others
April 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

San Francisco Chronicle: Economists Split Over Timing of Recovery
April 10, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wall Street Journal: Obama for Change (In Your Mortgage)
April 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Beverly Hills Times: Tax The Speculators
April 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Laura Flanders Show (Grit TV): Inland Empire: Warehouse Workers Organize in California
April 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

San Francisco Chronicle: Why Workers Need the Employee Free Choice Act
April 9, 2009

Politico: Arena: On the Conservative Critique of Obama's European Visit
April 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Houston Chronicle: Unionization Substantially Raises Wages of Pennsylvania Service-Sector Workers
April 8, 2009

Business Standard (India): The Perfidious Myths of Free Trade
April 8, 2009 (Ha-Joon Chang)

Huffington Post: Geithner Bank Plan Faces New Wave Of Criticism
April 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC, 93.9 FM): Road to Recovery?
April 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: How Unions' Grass-Roots Organizing, Pragmatism Can Pass Pro-Labor Bill
April 8, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Politico: Arena: Grade the President's Trip
April 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNBC: Breaking the Banks
April 6, 2009 (Dean Baker) A Message War the Republicans Won
April 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Whoops: Economic Forecast Wrong Within Weeks
April 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Associated Press: Some Business Make Layoffs the Last Option
April 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New Statesman (UK): How Global Influence Has Shifted
April 6, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Day (CT): Better Wages, Benefits Will Come With Free Choice Act
April 5, 2009

Sacremento Bee: Billionaire Buffett Benefits from Bailout He Promoted
April 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Newsday: Economic Bust Takes Wind out of Baby Boomers' Sails
April 4, 2009 (David Rosnick)

TNG Real Estate Radio Show (KTIE 590 AM, CA): Interview with David Rosnick
April 4, 2009

New York Times: No End in Sight to Job Losses; 663,000 More Cut in March
April 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Congress Blog (The Hill): The Big Question: England vs. China
April 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Counterspin (FAIR): Mark Weisbrot on the G20
April 3, 2009

BBC: Martha Kearney's Week
April 3, 2009 (Ha-Joon Chang)

Seattle Times: Employee Free Choice Act is Overdue
April 3, 2009

Mmegi (Botswana): IMF Policies Have Failed - Experts
April 2, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot, Ha-Joon Chang)

Washington Independent: Fannie, Freddie Quietly Lift Moratorium on Foreclosures
April 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Laura Flanders Show (Grit TV): Labor and Capital at the G-20, The Good Negro, and Have Anti-War Voices Gone Silent?
April 1, 2009 Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Bank Rescue 2.0: Treasury Could Dump Toxic Assets Online
April 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: GOP Budget Plan Assumes Americans Would Choose Higher Tax Rate
April 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Forum With Michael Krasny (KQED FM 88.5): Great Expectations -- The G20 Meeting
April 1, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Politico: Arena: On Obama in Europe
April 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Public Service Review: What Can Be Done to Avoid Protectionism in the Credit Crunch?
April 1, 2009 (Ha-Joon Chang)

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