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CEPR in the News: January - March 2007

CEPR in the News (Archive)

January - March 2007  

KPFA (CA): US-Brazil Trade Talks
March 31, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Notiver (EFE, Mexico):  Los Terroristas: Amenaza de radicalismo islámico en Latinoamérica provoca divisiones
March 31, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

New York Times: New York City to Reward Poor for Doing Right Thing
March 30, 2007 (Margy Waller)

BNN (Canada): U.S. Bill to Double Trust Tax
March 28, 2007 (Dean Baker) 

Washington Post: Drop in Sales of Homes Clouds Revival
March 27, 2007 (Dean Baker)

CNBC: Seller's Season or Buyer's Market?
March 26, 2007 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: Foreigners Get Benefit of Tax Cut (Subscription required)
March 24, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Business Week (AP): As Industry Evolves, Labor Unions Adapt
March 23, 2007 (John Schmitt)

CNBC: Home Ownership Debate
March 22, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

USINFO (State Dept.): In Dual-Earner Couples, Family Roles are Changing in U.S.
March 21, 2007 (Heather Boushey)

Salon.com: The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter
March 20, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Rochester Post-Bulletin (MN): Give Workers a Fair Chance to Vote on Forming a Union
March 20, 2007 

Between the Lines (WPKN Radio): Bush's South and Central America Tour Underscores Growing Rift Between Washington and Region's Nations
March 19, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Atlanta Progressive News: Kucinich Leads Presidential Hopefuls on Health Care for All
March 19, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Columbia Journalism Review: The Opt-Out Myth
March/April 2007 (Heather Boushey)

The NewStandard (NY): A Third of U.S. Jobs Pay "Low Wages"
March 19, 2007

Forbes.com: Making Sense of the Subprime Slide
March 17, 2007 (Dean Baker)

U.S. News & World Report Online: Greenspan's Inequality Fix: Free Trade for Lawyers and Doctors
March 16, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Orlando Sentinel: Secret Ballots
March 15, 2007

The Market Oracle: A Bailout of the US Housing Market Before the Bust?
March 14, 2007 (Dean Baker)

CNNMoney.com: Scary Math: More Homes, Fewer Buyers
March 13, 2007 (Dean Baker)

The Thom Hartmann Show (KPOJ): Bush's trip to Latin America
March 13, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Charleston Gazette: Employee Free Choice Act: Workers Needed a Revitalized Labor Movement
March 13, 2007

Washington Times: Chavez a Step Behind Bush's Latin Tour
March 13, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

TomPaine.com: The Richest Year Ever
March 13, 2007

Arizona Daily Star: American Workers Need a Fair Chance to Form Unions
March 13, 2007

Sacramento Bee: Continue Survey of Program Effectiveness
March 12, 2007

Midday Utah (KPCW-FM): Bush's trip to Latin America
March 12, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Columbian (WA): Act Will Keep Employers from Quashing Unions
March 12, 2007

Radio New Zealand: Foreign Correspondent
March 10, 2007 (Dean Baker) Audio

New Zealand Herald: Bush, Chavez Woo the Latin Soul
March 10, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Washington Post: Bush Continues on Latin American Tour
March 10, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

New York Times: With Housing in a Slump, Mortgages Rose Anyway
March 9, 2007 (Dean Baker)

WorldPoliticsWatch (Podcast): The Economics of Latin America
March 9, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Independent (UK): Bush and Chavez on Rival Tours in Bid to Win Latin American Hearts and Minds
March 9, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot) 

As it Happens (CBC): Bush Goes Latin (Interview begins at 9:32)
March 7, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

La Jornada (Mexico City): "Gracias a Hugo Chávez", Bush cambia el enfoque hacia AL: NYT
March 8, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Voice of America: US Acts to Counter Venezuela's Clout in Latin America
March 7, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot) Audio

SF Weekly (CA): Free Trade (in Doctors)
March 7, 2007 (Dean Baker)

The Hankyoreh (South Korea): Discarding the People's Health for FTA with USA
March 4, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Detroit News: More Blacks Losing Car Jobs
March 3, 2007 (John Schmitt)

On the Media (NPR): Bull&%#@ Market
March 2, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Temas para el debate (Spain): La batalla de los datospdf
March 2007 (Mark Weisbrot, Luis Sandoval, and David Rosnick) 

El Siglo de Torreón (Notimex): Ha minado presencia del FMI en Latinoamérica
March 1, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Greeley Tribune (CO): Bill Would Make Union Organization Easier; House to Vote Thursday
March 1, 2007

CBSNews.com (AP): Veto Threat Looms Over House Labor Bill
February 28, 2007 (John Schmitt)

Detroit News: Give Workers a Fighting Chance to Form a Union
February 28, 2007

Bloomberg.com: Argentina Gets $1.2 Billion Loan From IDB for Road Projects
February 28, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Bloomberg.com: Chavez Exploits Oil to Lend in Latin America, Pushing IMF Aside
February 28, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Capital Times (WI): Investors Here Taking Stock Plunge in Stride 
February 28, 2007 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Global Warming a Hot Spot for Investors
February 27, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Concord Monitor: Give workers fair shot to unionize
February 27, 2007

Workday Minnesota: Commentary: Good for Workers, Good for America
February 26, 2007

Christian Science Monitor: Social Security - A Contrarian View
February 26, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Daily American (PA): Labor Union Recognizes Murtha
February 24, 2007 

The Nation: What Kind of Economy?
(Subscription Required)
February 21, 2007 (March 5 Issue) (Dean Baker)

Washington Post: Chavez Builds His Sphere of Influence
February 23, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

WallStreetJournal.com: Afternoon Report: Healthy Increase
(Subscription Required)
February 23, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Athens News (OH): It's Never Too Early for College Students to Start Saving for the Future
February 22, 2007

American Prospect: Values Begin at Home, but Who's Home?
February 21, 2007 (March 5 Issue) (Heather Boushey)

Herald News (Passaic, NJ): Government's Statistical Snapshot Gets Another Life
February 19, 2007 (Heather Boushey)

Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia): Green Conversion Hard to Swallow
February 19, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Chicago Tribune: Looking for a Way Out without Leaving Home (Subscription required)
February 18, 2007

Boston Globe: The Romantic Life of Brainiacs
February 18, 2007 (Heather Boushey)

National Journal: Inside Washington - Middleclassectomy
February 17, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Salon: Housing Starts: The Bottom Falls Out
February 16, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Marion Daily Republican (IL): Report: Williamson County on Annual Poverty Watch List (Subscription required)
February 16, 2007

Excelsior (Mexico): EU va por control de países: experto pdf
February 15, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Macomb Journal (IL): McDonough Removed from Poverty Watch List (Subscription required)
February 15, 2007 

California Chronicle: Education and Labor Committee Approves Employmee Free Choice Act
February 14, 2007

Business Ledger (IL): Those in the Know Aren't Panicking Over Housing "Burst"
February 14, 2007

TomPaine.com: Open the Labor Umbrella
February 14, 2007

NPR On the Media: Budget Deficit
February 9, 2007 (Dean Baker)

U.S. News & World Report: Should Ben Bernanke Host Survivor?
February 9, 2007 (Dean Baker)

The Nation: Dude!  Where's My Debate?
February 8, 2007 (Dean Baker) 

Bismarck Tribune (ND): Both Sides Debate Minimum Wage Hike
February 6, 2007

Washington Post: Higher Oil Prices Help Exxon Again Set Record Profit
February 2, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Bloomberg.com: Bush, Democrats Sound Hawkish on Budget, Head for a Stalemate
February 2, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Economy Refuses to Fall
February 1, 2007 (Dean Baker)

CBS News: A Democracy - For the Wealthy
January 31, 2007 (Dean Baker)

The New Republic: Purchasing Power: How the Rich Control Politics
January 30, 2007 (Dean Baker) (Subscription required)

La Prensa (Nicaragua): Petrodólares en Nicaragua
January 30, 2007

Kansas City Star: Unions Continue to Lose Members
January 30, 2007 (John Schmitt, Ben Zipperer)

TomPaine.com: The Shape Of Unions To Come
January 30, 2007

Salon.com: Dani Rodrik gets his 15 minutes
January 30, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Fairfield County Business Journal (NY): Labor Reigns
January 29, 2007

FinancialTimes.com: Ask the expert: Chávez and Venezuela
January 27, 2007

CNNMoney.com: Minimum Wage, Marginal Impact
January 26, 2007 (Heather Boushey)   

Detroit News: State Union Work Force Falls to 19.6%
January 26, 2007

Industry Week (AFP): US Labor Participation Rate Dips to 12%
January 26, 2007

La Opinión (EFE): Pobre Economía
January 25, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Asheville Citizen-Times (NC): Study Weighs Benefits' Success
January 25, 2007 (Heather Boushey)

The Free Lance-Star (VA): Graduating? It's Time for a Course in Personal Finance
January 25, 2007

Terra (Spain): Atribuyen el auge del populismo en América Latina a razones económicas
January 24, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNBC Morning Call:  Social Security "Crisis" — Still Real or "Nonsense?"
January 23, 2007 (Dean Baker)

UOL, Valor (Brazil): Morales celebra dados da economia, mas Bolívia vive sob tensão política
January 23, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Asbury Park Press (NJ): Democrats Push for Paid Sick Leave
January 22, 2007

Turkish Daily News: Help Out a Farmer in Çukurova, Take the Day Off in Istanbul
January 19, 2007

CNBC: Working for the Man
January 18, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Globalized Economy a Double-Edged Sword for Americans
January 18, 2007 (Dean Baker)

CNBC Morning Call: Bernanke Meets the Dems: Point, Counterpoint
January 17, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Bloomberg.com: Bernanke Faces Democratic Demands to Focus More on Jobs, Wages
January 16, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Kansas City Star: Firings Foment Union Decline
January 16, 2007 (John Schmitt, Ben Zipperer)

El Financiero (Mexico): Norteamérica en perspectiva
January 14, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

C-SPAN: Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan Economy
January 14, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot) 

Boston Globe: 'Bipartisan' Remedy with a Hidden Agenda
January 13, 2007 (Dean Baker)

To the Point (PRI): Reactions to Chavez
January 12, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNNMoney.com: Moms Rise Up, Fight for Workplace Rights
January 11, 2007 (Heather Boushey)

Kansas City InfoZine: War and the Power of the Purse
January 11, 2007 (Dean Baker)

Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU-FM, DC): Nationalizing Industry in Venezuela
January 10, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Uprising (KPFK, Pacifica Radio): Dropping the Ax
January 10, 2007 (Ben Zipperer)

CNBC: Minimum Wage: Extend it or End it?
January 10, 2007 (Dean Baker)

The Guardian (UK): Chávez Puts Shares into a Spin with Vow to Nationalise Utilities
January 10, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Miami HeraldChávez's Left Turn Sends Venezuelans Reeling
January 10, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

St. Petersburg Times (FL): Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez No Longer Tries to Hide His Leanings as He Reaches for Power
January 10, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Marketplace Radio: Power Shifting in Latin America
January 9, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Houston Chronicle: Chavez Announces Next Steps Toward Socialism
January 9, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Washington Post: Overwork Costly to Environment
January 8, 2007 (David Rosnick, Mark Weisbrot)

Science News: Longer Hours May Warm Climate
January 6, 2007 (Subscription required)

International Herald Tribune (AP): Study: Increase in illegal firings of pro-union workers during organizing drives hampers labor
January 4, 2007 (John Schmitt, Ben Zipperer)

The Nation, Labor Rights Begin at Home
January 4, 2007

Wilmington NewsJournal (DE): Minimum Wage in Transition
January 4, 2007

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Environment Joins Argument That Americans Work Too Long
January 3, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Advertiser (Australia): Saving Our World
January 3, 2006 (David Rosnick, Mark Weisbrot)

International Herald Tribune (AP): Brazil's Silva Faces Tough Economic, Security Challenges in Second Term
January 2, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)

Bloomberg.com: Workers of the World May Get Bigger Share of Prosperity in 2007
January 2, 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer: Kick Back, Chill Out: It Could Save the Planet
January 1, 2007 (David Rosnick, Mark Weisbrot)

Miami Herald: Lula da Silva Vows to Help Brazil's Poor
January 1, 2007 (Mark Weisbrot)


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