CEPR in the News: Jan - Mar 2006

CEPR in the News (Archive)

January - March 2006 

Reuters: Philly Fed's Santomero Departs, Replacement Not Set
March 31, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Online Journal: U.S. Working Mothers and the Market
March 29, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

CNN/Money: The "Danger Years" for Homeowners
March 28, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Newburyport Daily News (MA): Backing Up Mommy
March 28, 2006

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Going Still Tough 5 Years After Sony Layoffs
March 26, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Newsday: Ideas to Fix Part D Lack Real Push
March 16, 2006 (Dean Baker)

AlterNet: Womenomics 101
March 16, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Jobs, Wage Data Strong; Construction, Service Sectors Lead the Way
March 11, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Wall Street Journal: Economists React: Jobs Report
March 10, 2006

Reuters: Bolivia Seen Likely to End IMF Financing Ties
March 7, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: What's the Real Story About Women and the Work Force?
March 7, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Newsweek: Smart Moms, Hard Choices
March 6, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

USA Today: Few Young Workers Take Heed of Need to Start Saving Now
March 6, 2006

CNN/Money: Bush Quietly Reshaping the Fed
March 3, 2006 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: Stretched to Limit, Women Stall March to Work (Subscription required)
March 2, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Chicago Tribune: Sales Slide for 5th Month
March 2, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Washington Post: Census Bureau Survey Falling on Hard Times
March 1, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

CNN Money: Home Sales: Is the Market Glutted?
February 27, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Christian Science Monitor: America's Younger Workers Losing Ground on Income
February 26, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Time Magazine: Are you Overleveraged?
February 26, 2006 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Students Suffocate Under Tens of Thousands in Loans
February 23, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Christian Science Monitor: Why Consumer Pocketbooks Had a Rough Start This Millenium
February 23, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Wall Street Journal: Economists React to CPI
February 22, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Journal Gazette (IN): Student Loans Get Interesting
February 19, 2006

Monthly Review Magazine: Bubblicious: Looking at the US Real Estate Market
February 19, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Detroit News: Auto Cuts Slam Blacks
February 16, 2006 (John Schmitt)

Business Week: "Substantial Benefits" from China Trade?
February 8, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Online Journal: The Color of Job Cuts in the Auto Industry
February 6, 2006 (John Schmitt and Ben Zipperer)

Wall Street Journal: Economists React: January Jobs Report
February 3, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Marketplace Radio: Unreal Unemployment Numbers
February 2, 2006
(John Schmitt)

Sacramento Bee: Greenspan Leaves Biggest Mark As Inflation Fighter
January 31, 2006
(Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Economic Growth Slows to Snail's Pace
January 28, 2006
(Dean Baker)

Wall Street Journal: Economists React
January 27, 2006
(Heather Boushey)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Huge College Loans Eating Up Salaries
January 26, 2006
(Heather Boushey)

New York Times: Home Sales Fell Again in December
January 26, 2006
(Dean Baker)

Chicago Sun-Times: A Prescription For Disaster
January 24, 2006

Washington Post: Down Payments’ Downward Trend
January 21, 2006 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: 43% of First Time Home Buyers Put No Money Down
January 18, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Trade Deficit Eases A Little
January 13, 2006 (Dean Baker)

WAMU, Kojo Nnamdi Show: Argentina's Turnaround
January 10, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Christian Science Monitor: The Comptroller: Washington’s Prophet of Fiscal Doom
January 5, 2006 (Dean Baker)

San Francisco Chronicle: Women's Pages: Next Time You Read About 'What Women Want,' Check the Research -- It's Likely to Be Flimsy
January 4, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Wall Street Journal: Goodbye, Holiday Splurges. Hello, Saving
January 1, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Economists Predict Continued Growth for U.S.
January 1, 2006 (Dean Baker)



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