CEPR in the News: July-Sept. 2006

CEPR in the News (Archive)

July - September 2006 

New York Times: Off the Charts: A Statistic That Shortens the Distance to Europe
September 30, 2006

Le Monde (Paris): Lula à la recherche de la croissance
September 30, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU-FM, DC): Local Real Estate Update
September 25, 2006 (Dean Baker)

BBC Mundo: Critican Política Económica de Lula
September 26, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

MarketWatch.com: Voters to Decide on Key Issues through Initiatives
September 26, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Reuters: U.S. losing leg up over Europe on employment
September 26, 2006 (John Schmitt and Dean Baker)

WAMU, Kojo Nnamdi Show (Washington, DC): Local Real Estate Update
September 25, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Washington Post: The Super-Rich Get Richer: Forbes 400 Are All Billionaires
September 22, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Charleston Gazette (WV): Big Government: Conservatives Crave It
September 22, 2006 (book review of The Conservative Nanny State, Dean Baker)

TomPaine.com: The Face On The Doughnut Hole
September 21, 2006

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Predictions Chilly for Holiday Sales
September 19, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Indiana Student Daily: It's Never Too Late to Save
September 19, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

New York Times: Someone's Spoiling the Party, the Housing Market Says
September 17, 2006 (Dean Baker)

NPR: Economy, Politics Collide in a Divided Mexico
September 16, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

New York Times: Price Index Moderated in August
September 16, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: What's Happened Since 9/11?
September 15, 2006 (Dean Baker)

CNN/Money: Mortgage Delinquencies Ticking Upward
September 13, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Newsday: Part D Late Penalty Could hit the Poor Hardest, but Here's a Tip
September 13, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Associated Press: At Nonaligned Summit, China Seizes an Opportunity Missed by the United States
September 13, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Management-Issues.com (UK): Women Less Prepared to Sacrifice Everything to Reach the Top
September 13, 2006

The Post-Standard: Insurance By The Mile
September 11, 2006 (Dean Baker)

OregonLive.com: New Auto Insurance Concept Bases Rates on Miles Driven
September 11, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Concord Monitor (NH):Career Moms Take a New Path to Executive Suites
September 9, 2006

Fox News: Should College Students Get Credit Cards?
September 8, 2006

In These Times: Privatized Warfare: The Summer of Discontent
September 7, 2006

Los Angeles Times: This Mommy Track May Go Somewhere
September 5, 2006

Chicago Tribune: Mexico Election Panel to Name Victor
September 5, 2006

La Jornada (Mexico City): Difícil pensar que no hubo fraude: expertos en EU
September 3, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

Rocky Mountain News: Reasons Why You May Need to Kick Back
September 3, 2006

Washington Post: Jobless Rate Fell Slightly in August
September 2, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

New York Times: Rendezvous With Oblivion
September 1, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Job Growth Data Reflect Slowdown
September 1, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Wall Street Journal: Steady, Modest Job Growth Pace Points to Fed Pause This Month
September 1, 2006 (Heather Boushey)

Marketplace Radio: Tag Team Parenting Grows
August 30, 2006 (Heather Boushey) 

Associated Press: Mexican Government Says It Trusts Lawmakers to Act with 'Civility' during State of Nation Address
August 30, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

U.S. News & World Report: That 70's Feeling
August 28, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Democracy Now: Venezuela Says China Backs UN Security Council Bid That U.S. Opposes
August 25, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)
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KLTV (TX): Katrina's Economic Impact: One Year Later
August 25, 2006 (Dean Baker)  

New York Times: Home for Sale, By Anxious Owner
August 25, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: U.S. Poverty Undercounted in Job Surveys, Study Finds
August 24, 2006 (John Schmitt and Dean Baker)

Democracy Now: Questions Raised Over Mexico's Election Results
August 24, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

TomPaine.com: From Welfare to Poverty
August 23, 2006, (Op-ed by Heather Boushey and Randy Albelda)

Washington Post: Bolivia's U.S. Envoy a Rebellious Choice
August 23, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

WAMU, Kojo Nnamdi Show: Political Tensions in Mexico
August 14, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNN/Money: Bubble Sitting: the Pros and Cons
August 11, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Houston Chronicle: Insurance By Mileage Explored
August 7, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Christian Science Monitor: New Treasury Head Eyes Rising Inequality
August 3, 2006

La Jornada (Mexico City): Gatopardismo Electoral
August 1, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot, David Rosnick, Luis Sandoval, and Carla Paredes-Drouet)

Contra Costa Times (CA): Adjustable Rate Mortgages Still the Choice of Many Home Buyers
July 31, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Christian Century: Bare Minimum
July 31, 2006

Miami Herald (AP): Going Home to Put Life on Hold
July 31, 2006 

Wall Street Journal: Crumbling Foundation
July 28, 2006 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: Long Live the Nanny State
July 22, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Financial Times: Chávez's World Tour Belies Problems at Home
May 10, 2006 (Updated July 20, 2006 with CEPR's response)

Sacramento Bee: Families Feel Bite of Inflation
July 20, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Los Angeles Times: Inflation's Sources Hard to Domesticate
July 19, 2006 (Dean Baker)

CounterSpin: Mark Weisbrot on the Mexican Election
July 14, 2006, Audio

Washington Post: But This One Is Special
July 14, 2006 (Dean Baker)

Washington Times: S. American nations eye alternative to IMF
July 13, 2006 (Mark Weisbrot)

NPR All Things Considered: Calderón Claims Slim Victory in Divisive Election
July 6, 2006


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