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July - September 2009

Reuters: G20 Means G7 No Longer Only Game in Town on Forex
September 30, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Foreign Policy in Focus: Casino Capitalism as Usual
September 30, 2009

EUobserver.com: EU Development Bank Seeks Extra Money to Help Eastern Europe
September 29, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

EuroIntelligence.com: IMF Conditions on Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary Too Harsh
September 29, 2009

Huffinton Post: Derivatives: Bailed-Out Banks Still Making Billions Off Risky Bets
September 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wall Street Journal: IMF Says It Battled Crisis Well
September 28, 2009

UPI: Brookings Economist Blasts First-Time Homebuyers Credit
September 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Grand Rapids Press (MI): Many First-Time Homeowners Hope to Beat Nov. 30 Deadline to Get Federal Tax Credit
September 27, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Providence Journal (RI): Housing Credit a Boon in R.I.
September 27, 2009

DNA (India): India Gets Pride of Place as G20 Supplants G8
September 26, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Guardian (UK): Regular Powwows as Hard Talk Over Curbing Reckless Bankers' Pay Goes Soft
September 25, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Inter Press Service: G20: IMF Finds a New Unpopularity
September 25, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Free Speech Radio News: Global Leaders Say G20 Should Steer World Economy
September 25, 2009 (Interview with Mark Weisbrot)

GlobalPost: Analysis: Curtain Closes on the G20, But Will it Close on "Money-making Games"?
September 25, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Baltic Times (Latvia): New Report Casts Doubt on IMF Program
September 24, 2009 (Jose Cordero)

Kiplinger Newsletter: Banks Getting Weaned Off Government Help
September 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

FOX Business: Will the Economic Recovery Fizzle in 2010?
September 23, 2009 (John Schmitt)

Time: More Angry Investors Say, Throw the Boards Out
September 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Common Dreams: Zelaya's Midnight Ride
September 22, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNBC: Barnburner of a Recovery?
September 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Democracy Now!: Report From Honduras: Ousted President Manuel Zelaya Returns to Honduras In Defiance of Coup Government
September 22, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

WMNF 88.5 FM (FL): Zelaya Returns to Honduras
September 21, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Lansing State Journal (MI): Home Sweet First Home
September 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: Zelaya's Return Raises Stakes in Honduras Crisis
September 21, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Des Moines Register (IA): Will Tax Credit for First-Time Homebuyers Be Extended?
September 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Incomes of Young in 8-Year Nose Dive
September 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: August Joblessness Hit 10% in 14 States and D.C.
September 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Nightly Business Report (PBS): FDIC & FHA are in Deep T-R-O-U-B-L-E
September 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wall Street Journal: Panel Probing Crisis Adds to Role
September 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

San Jose Mercury News (CA): Median Home Price $500,000 in August
September 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Business First of Columbus (OH): Backers Say Sick-Leave Plan Should Go Hand in Hand with Health-Care Reform
September 18, 2009

Washington Examiner: As Deadline Nears, First-Time Homebuyers and Congress Face End to Tax Credit
September 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

NorthJersey.com: Think Tanks Predict More Renters
September 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: The Great Disconnect
September 16, 2009 (Eileen Appelbaum)

The Scotsman: Between the Lines: Global Taxes Are Undoubtedly the Next Step – Just Not This One
September 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Admit It: A Robust Public Option Is Dead
September 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: Fight in Congress Looms on Tax Break for Home Buyers
September 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

San Francisco Chronicle: Obama on Wall Street: History Cannot Repeat
September 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Korea Times: Tobin Tax Lives Again
September 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: AFL-CIO Hopeful in Return to the City
September 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Tribune (UK): Iniquitous Critics of Hugo Chávez
September 13, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

The Hill: GOP Questions White House's 'Fuzzy' Math with Stimulus Jobs
September 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Financial Times: A Confession from a Home Ownership Advocate
September 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Salt Lake Tribune: A Year after the Meltdown: Tough Questions, Choices
September 11, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Bloomberg: Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine Stifled by IMF Conditions, Study Says
September 11, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

U.S. News & World Report: Why Boomers Will Retire More Comfortably Than Their Parents
September 10, 2009

Brisbane Times (Australia): Too Much Talking, Not Enough Listening
September 9, 2009 (Ha-Joon Chang)

Inter Press Service: Have Your Own Policies, as Long as They’re Like Ours
September 9, 2009 (Deborah James)

Associated Press: Chavez Walks Venice Red Carpet with Oliver Stone
September 8, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Web Wealth: How Bailout Money is Being Spent
September 6, 2009

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Unemployment Rate Back on Losing Track
September 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: U.S. Cuts More Than $30 Million in Aid to Honduras
September 4, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Kansas City Star: Jobless Rate Hits 9.7%, the Highest Since 1983
September 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: States Cut Back and Layoffs Hit Even Recipients of Stimulus Aid
September 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: Teenage Jobless Rate Reaches Record High
September 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: In Unemployment Report, Signs of a Jobless Recovery
September 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Bloomberg: Rebecca Alvarez Gets a Reprieve From Unemployment
September 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Bloomberg: U.S. Payrolls Probably Fell, Posing Risk to Spending
September 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Christian Science Monitor: White House's New Stimulus Message: It's Working
September 3, 2009 (John Schmitt)

New York Times: Bernanke: Greenback’s New Father
September 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Organized Labor Looks to Younger Workers for Renewal
September 3, 2009

FAIR: Right Ebbs, Left Gains as Media 'Experts'
September 3, 2009

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Exiled Honduran President Hopes for U.S. Recognition of Coup
September 3, 2009

Bloomberg: U.S. Halts Aid to Honduras, Urges Return to Democracy
September 3, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Extra! (FAIR): Rerun in Honduras
September 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Dollars & Sense: Beyond the World Creditors' Cartel
September/October 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Huffington Post: Senator Kennedy's Most Important Vote
August 31, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Wall Street Journal: Better to Buy or Rent?
August 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Bloomberg: Pawlenty Says 'Ludicrous' to Claim Stimulus Pivoted Economy
August 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Houston Chronicle: Bernanke II
August 27, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Global Post: Need a Haircut? Sorry, Everyone is 'en Vacances'
August 27, 2009

Boston Globe: Banking on Bernanke
August 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Los Angeles Times: Housing Index Hints at Upturn in Home Prices
August 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Orlando Sentinel: Orange Fast Out of the Gate with Help for Housing
August 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Slowly but Surely, Economy Shows Signs of Recovery
August 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Star (St. Lucia): Who’s Giving and Who’s Taking!
August 26, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

MarketWatch: Subdued Recovery in the Cards, White House and CBO Say
August 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

WFIE (NBC, Evansville, IN): Obama Nominates Bernanke to Serve Another Term
August 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

AFP: Swelling Deficit Poses Key Challenges to Obama Reform Plans
August 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Air America: When Will the Recession End? Try 2015!
August 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Atlantic Wire (The Atlantic): Pundit Survey: The Landscape of Bernanke Opinion
August 25, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Forbes: Keeping Down with the Joneses
August 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Register Citizen (CT): Ralph Nader: The Ones Who Got it Right
August 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CBS Evening News: Housing Troubles Continue
August 22, 2009 (Dean Baker)

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (PBS): Fed Chairman Upbeat on Prospects for Economy
August 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Inside Tucson Business: What Businesses Need to do to Meet Rising Employee Costs
August 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: Venezuela Economy Shrinks for First Time in 5 Years
August 20, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNBC: Did Ben Save the World?
August 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Orlando Sentinel: It'll Take a Lot of Digging to Get Out of This Hole
August 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Inc.: Is the U.S. Entrepreneurial Self-Image Skewed?
August 19, 2009 (John Schmitt)

The Guardian (UK): No Secrets to China's Success
August 18, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Los Angeles Times: Some Saw the Housing Bubble and Sold, Trick Now is Spotting the Bottom
August 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Listening Post (Aljazeera): Venezuela's Troubled Media
August 14, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Wall Street Journal: A President as Micromanager: How Much Detail Is Enough?
August 12, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Bloomberg TV: Dean Baker Interview on Foreclosures, Mortgages
August 12, 2009

BookTrade.info: Allen Lane/Penguin Press Acquires 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism
August 10, 2009 (Ha-Joon Chang)

The New Yorker: Not Home Yet
August 10, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Marion Star (OH): Marion Home Sales Lagging
August 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Strength in Numbers
August 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: If The Economy Lost 247,000 Jobs, How Did The Unemployment Rate Go Down?
August 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Newsweek: Mirror Image
August 7, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Carroll County Times (MD): Weeks After Gates-Crowley, Tension Lingers
August 7, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Slate: Obama's Biggest Health Reform Blunder
August 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Sacramento Bee (CA): A New Way of Looking at Home Prices
August 6, 2009

Nightly Business Report (PBS): The Recession Continues to Wreck the Workforce
August 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

El Dorado Hills Telegraph (CA): Plan Could Turn Struggling Homeowners into Renters
August 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Globe and Mail (Canada): End of U.S. Housing Slump? Not Exactly
August 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Tampa Tribune: Congress Urged to Pass Rental Plan
August 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Bangor Daily News (ME): Try Holding Our Leaders Accountable
August 4, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker)

Tampa Tribune: Renting Foreclosed Homes Helps Communities, Study Says
August 3, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Associated Press: Welcome to the Bottom: Housing Begins Slow Rebound
August 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Washington Post: Establishing a Distressed Homeowner's 'Right to Rent'
August 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Time: Federal Help for Boat Dealers: All at Sea
August 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Business Times: Wall Street Mixed on GDP Report
August 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Listening Post (Aljazeera): Covering the Honduran Coup
July 31, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

New York Times: U.S. Economic Contraction Slowed in Quarter
July 31, 2009 (Dean Baker)

CNNMoney.com: Stimulus Has Yet to Really Boost GDP
July 31, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Diane Rehm Show (NPR): The State of the Economy
July 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Long Island Business Review: Foreclosure's Heartbreak Song Could Get a Happy Ending After All
July 30, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Empire (Aljazeera): Viva la Evolucion
July 29, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Los Angeles Times: Home Prices May be Stabilizing, Market Tracker Shows
July 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Baltimore Sun: Lenders Into Landlords?
July 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Key Legislator Weighs in on Obama's Financial Agenda
July 29, 2009 (Dean Baker)

News-Press (FL): Study Shows It's Cheaper to Rent Than It is to Own
July 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

GRIT TV: Some Economic Forecasters Are Better Than Others
July 28, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

FoxBusiness.com: Better Numbers to Come -- That's a Promise
July 28, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: Recession Cuts Pollution but Also Green Investment
July 27, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Philadelphia Inquirer: The American Debate: Why Obama Can't Pull an LBJ on Health Care Reform
July 26, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Caribbean Net News: Honduras Coup Reveals Fragility of Latin American Democracy
July 24, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Des Moines Register (IA): Economists Question Impact of I-JOBS Plan
July 24, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Capital Times (WI): Republicans for Fiscal Irresponsibility
July 23, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Morning Edition (NPR): Minimum Wage Hike Spurs Optimism and Debate
July 23, 2009 (Eileen Appelbaum)

Inter Press Service: Poll Supports Govt Intervention in Crisis
July 22, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Associated Press: For Some, Scales Tip Toward Buying A Home
July 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hill: U.S. Firms Worry They'll Be Hurt
July 21, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Times (UK): Annual Holiday Entitlement: Who Gets What?
July 21, 2009

Tampa Tribune: Plan Would Let Homeowners Rent Their Home After Foreclosing
July 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Talk Back! (WBAI FM, NY): The Honduras Coup (Mark Weisbrot joins the show at 01:04:16)
July 20, 2009

CNBC.com: All Is Not Lost In Foreclosure Fight
July 20, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Associated Press: Analysis: Geithner Becomes a Traveling U.S. Bond Salesman
July 19, 2009 (Dean Baker)

New York Times: When, Oh When, Will HELP be WANTED
July 18, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Stabroek News (Guyana): Corbin’s Statement on Honduras a ‘Topsy-Turvy Political Rationalization’
July 17, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Bloomberg: Obama Stimulus Fails to Reboot Economy as No Multiplier Effect
July 17, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Minnesota Public Radio: Tough Times for Small Businesses
July 17, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

CNN: America in Debt (Interview with Mark Weisbrot)
July 16, 2009

Associated Press: AMA Endorses House Democrats' Health Care Bill
July 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

U.S. News & World Report: Would a Second Stimulus Create Jobs?
July 16, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Atlantic: Renting Instead of Foreclosing
July 15, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: Obama Mulls Rental Option for Homeowners: Sources
July 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Hill: W.H. Advisers Draw Criticism From Liberals
July 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Brattleboro Reformer (VT): More Stimulus Needed
July 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Most Favor Health Care Reform in New Poll
July 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: SEC Chair Floats Ratings Agency Crackdown
July 14, 2009 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: Stimulus Spending Finally Starts to Trickle Down
July 13, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Media Matters with Bob McChesney (WILL AM580, IL): Interview With Mark Weisbrot on Latin America
July 12, 2009

Washington Independent: Republicans Test 2010 Message: Cancel the Stimulus
July 10, 2009 (Dean Baker)

On Point (NPR): Stimulus, Part Two?
July 9, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

GritTV with Laura Flanders: The Real Cost of Healthcare Reform
July 9, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

Reuters: US Suspends Military Aid to Honduras Before Talks
July 9, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Health Care Jobs Still a Bright Spot
July 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

OneWorld: Haiti's Billion Dollar Debt Cancelled
July 9, 2009

Newsweek: Are You Feeling 'Stimuluted' Yet?
July 9, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Globe and Mail (Reuters): Honduras Rivals Ready for Dialogue on Coup Crisis
July 8, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Bloomberg: U.S. Housing Market Is Cursed by Brain Freeze
July 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Uprising Radio: Despite Optimism, US Economy Plunges To New Depths
July 8, 2009 (Interview with Dean Baker)

Knoxville News Sentinel (TN): Local Lenders Forgo Fed Program for their Own Plans
July 8, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Politico: Democrats Stuck in Stimulus Jam
July 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Boston Globe: Lenders Avoid Redoing Loans, Fed Concludes
July 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Slate: Stimulus II
July 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Symbolic Blather: Washington's Congenital Disease
July 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Miami Herald: Costa Rican President to Mediate Honduras Crisis
July 7, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

CNNMoney.com: Stimulus: Progress or Broken Promise?
July 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

USA Today: U.S. Debt Shrinking at Glacial Pace
July 7, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Nightly Business Report (PBS): The Role of Work Furlough in the Economic Recovery
July 6, 2009 (Dean Baker)

AFP: A Week After Honduras Coup
July 5, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Huffington Post: Biden Ignores Warnings Of Krugman, Stiglitz, Roubini And Others
July 5, 2009 (Dean Baker)

The Progressive: Jobs Report Sign of Deeper Economic Trouble
July 4, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Reuters: Unity Helps Volatile Latin America Handle Crisis
July 3, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

New York Times: Joblessness Hits 9.5%, Deflating Recovery Hopes
July 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

McClatchy Newspapers: U.S. Taking Cautious Approach to Honduras Political Crisis
July 2, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot)

Dakota Midday (South Dakota Public Broadcasting): Honduran Coup
July 2, 2009 (Mark Weisbrot joins the program at 15:15)

Kansas City Star: As Employers Cut Payrolls, Average Workweek and Average Wage Decline
July 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

MarketWatch: Recession Hits Men Harder
July 2, 2009 (Eileen Appelbaum)

Huffington Post: Dependence Grows As Independence Day Nears
July 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Huffington Post: Committee Dems Release Cheaper, Better Public Health Care Bill
July 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Alternet: Chamber of Commerce Launches $100 Million Campaign to Protect Wall Street's Power at Our Expense
July 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

NPR.org: Q&A: Rising Unemployment Clouds Outlook
July 2, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Spokesman-Review (WA): Militant Leader Abandons Deal
July 1, 2009

Reuters: U.S. Stimulus a Small Patch for Big Economic Hole
July 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

Westside Gazette (FL): Government Benefits at All Time High
July 1, 2009 (Dean Baker)

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