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Greek Bailout Extension Deal Represents a “Significant Retreat” by the European Authorities, CEPR Co-Director Says

February 20, 2015

IMF Recommends Changes to Prevent Future Debt Rulings like the One Against Argentina

October 7, 2014

Economists Call on Congress to Mitigate Fallout from Ruling on Argentine Debt

July 31, 2014

Multilateral Debt Cancellation Would Provide Jamaica with More Resources than New Loans, Paper Finds

June 20, 2013

New Paper Finds that the IMF is Promoting Socially and Economically Harmful Policies Broadly Across Europe

January 28, 2013

New Paper Finds Jamaican Economy to Be Held Back by Pro-Cyclical Conditions Demanded by IMF, Creditors
May 7, 2012

New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro
February 23, 2012

Latvia’s Economic Failure Has Important Lessons for Eurozone, New CEPR Paper Concludes
December 8, 2011

G20 Continues With Failed Policies in Europe, Putting Regional and Global Economy at Risk, CEPR Co-Director Says
November 4, 2011

New Paper Examines Argentina’s Economic Success
October 21, 2011

Debate on the Eurozone Crisis Between CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot and Luc Everaert, Assistant Director of the European Department of the IMF
September 29, 2011

Appointment of Stanley Fischer to Head the IMF Would "Institutionalize Lack of Accountability," CEPR Co-Director Says
June 13, 2011

New Paper Finds Pro-Cyclical IMF Agreement and Debt Burden are Blocking Jamaica's Economic Progress
May 4, 2011

New Paper Finds Big Increase in Trade is Transforming Colombian-Venezuelan Relations
November 16, 2010 En Español

New Paper Finds IMF Policies are Increasing Risks to Economic Recovery in European, Other Countries
October 21, 2010

IMF Forecasts Global Slowdown, But Policies Remain Pro-cyclical In Many Countries
October 6, 2010

IMF's Economic Growth Projections for Latin America and Caribbean Appear Questionable
April 28, 2009

New Paper Finds IMF Lending Still Requires Harmful and Inappropriate Economic Conditions
April 21, 2009

New Report Shows Need for Rapid Debt Cancellation for Haiti in Wake of Recent Disasters
December 8, 2008

CEPR Warns of Dangers of IMF Resurgence
November 14, 2008

Delayed Debt Cancellation Will Only Hurt Haiti, New CEPR Paper Finds
December 12, 2007

Lessons from Argentina: New Paper Looks at Economic Policy in Argentina's High-Growth Recovery
October 24, 2007   En español

IMF's Support for Coup Government in 2002 May Have Influenced Venezuela's Decision to Withdraw

May 1, 2007
En español

New Report Raises Doubts About IMF Growth Projections
April 4, 2007

Experts Available for Interviews on IMF/World Bank Issues
April 14, 2005

New Report from CEPR Examines International Growth Slowdown In the Era of IMF Influence
September 25, 2000