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CEPR Work and Family Briefings
Audio files and PowerPoint presentations of five Congressional briefings on work/life issues (June - October 2006).

CEPR Economics Seminar Series
Audio and video files of ten CEPR lectures on economic issues

Life, Work and Debt for Generations X and Y
Presentation by Heather Boushey at the New America Foundation, July 27, 2006 (includes video and audio)


Bridging the Gaps
CEPR is teaming up with state and national groups to document the persistent gaps between low-income working families' basic needs and the resources available to them.

Flat World, Big Gaps

Flat World, Big Gaps:
Economic Liberalization, Globalization, Poverty And Inequality>
with a chapter by Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker, and David Rosnick, and a chapter co-authored by Heather Boushey
(forthcoming in May 2007)

Inequality Matters

Inequality Matters:
The Growing Economic Divide in America and Its Poisonous Consequences

with chapter co-authored by Heather Boushey



CNNMoney.com: Moms Rise Up, Fight for Workplace Rights
January 11, 2007



The Benefits of Full Employment

The Benefits of Full Employment:
When Markets Work for People
by Jared Bernstein and Dean Baker

Social Security

Social Social: The Phony Crisis
by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot

Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy

Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy
edited by Dean Baker and Robert Pollin