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Inequality and Poverty


Local Taxes Are Naturally Regressive

'Are We There Yet?' Moving Beyond the Recovery Question

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, June 8 – July 17

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, June 6 – June 13

Piketty in One Graph

Low- and Middle Income People’s Living Standards Are Mostly Affected by the Economy and the Policy Decisions that Shape It

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, April 19-25, 2014

Piketty and Policy

CEPR News March 2014

Discussing 'Capital' in the Nation’s Capital – Piketty to Visit DC in April

Will Paul Ryan Go for the Full Murray By Taking on White Working-Class "Culture"?

Paul Ryan’s Poverty Report Shows Extent of His Disconnect with the Working Class and Real-World Economic Issues

CEPR News February 2014

Nick Kristof Parachutes Back Into Appalachia and the Results Aren’t Pretty

America’s Invisible—and Very Diverse—Working Class

CBO and the Minimum Wage, PT. 2

CBO and the Minimum Wage

Aside from Health Care, Spending Trends on Means-Tested Programs Are Pretty Unremarkable Over the Last Several Decades

The New York Times and the Persistence of Bigotry Against Single Mothers in 2014

NYT’s Annie Lowrey Commits Rand-Paul Fallacy in Article on Marriage and Poverty

CEPR News January 2014

Rand Paul and the Extent of Marital Poverty in Kentucky

@CEPRDC on the #SOTU

SOTU Minimum Wage FAQ

Brookings EITC Proposal Mostly Moves in the Wrong Direction

Minimum Wage and Poverty

Robert Samuelson Blames “Failure” of War on Poverty on Women’s and Latino’s Insufficient Focus on Self-Improvement

#ShriverReport: A Woman's Nation Pushes Back From the Brink

Kevin Drum on Marco Rubio’s Poverty Plan: Two Quick Reactions

What Was (Is) the “War on Poverty” Anyway and Does it Matter Today?

Should the War on Poverty Be Judged by Whether It Enabled Seniors to “Break Free” from Social Security?

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King on Poverty Measurement

President’s Inequality Speech Pretty Good, Except for the Part Calling for Block Granting Food Stamps

Beyond the So-Called Poverty Line: The Income-Hardship Gradient Today

More Bad Mommies in Poverty From Nick Kristof

Miracle of Miracles: Good Reporting on Modern Family Structures in the NYT

The “War on Poverty” was a Fairly Conservative Initiative (Contra Ron Haskins, Cato, Heritage, AEI, and the Tea Party)

Don't Blame the Robots

Paul Ryan Getting Advice on Poverty Policy From K Street Organization that Receives Most of Its Funding From Government

Bloomberg’s Poverty Agenda: Guaranteed Incrementalism

Has Bill de Blasio Resurrected the Welfare Rights Movement?

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, June 8 – 14, 2013

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, April 27 – May 17, 2013

CEPR News, March 2013

Supplemental Security and Temporary Assistance: How "This American Life" Got the Story Wrong

Sorry Ira: There are Factual Errors in Your Story on Disability Insurance

Media Coverage of Poverty: Quality, Not Just Quantity, Matters

Carry On, Wayward Sons

Third Way or Dead End? Autor-Wasserman's Hypothesis that Single Mothers Contribute to the College Gender Gap

Contra the Crowd-Out Thesis: Countries that Spent More on Seniors Also Spend More on Children

Relative Poverty Measures Can Help Paint a More Accurate picture of Poverty in 21st Century America

New CBO Estimates Show How Shifting to Chained CPI Would Harm Poorly Compensated Workers and Others Struggling to Afford the Basics

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, February 23 – March 8, 2013

The Family and Medical Leave Act at 20: A Record of Success, But More Can Be Done

Benchmarking the Minimum Wage

Temporary Assistance for Families Should Empower Working-Class Parents Not Serve as a Slush Fund for States

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, February 9 – 22, 2013

Tax Credit Expansions Don't Make Up for the Lower Minimum Wage Increase Proposed by President Obama

Raising Minimum Wage to $9 Not Enough to Ensure that Families with Fulltime Workers Live Above Poverty Line

Nearly 1.4 Million Workers Have Below-Poverty Incomes; Most of Them Have Education Beyond High School

What's Missing from the Kristof-Greenstein Dialogue on Poverty: Jobs and the Economy

Rising Inequality: Don't Blame the Robots

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, January 5 – January 25, 2013

Are the Job Polarization Data Robust?

Fiscal Cliff Deal was a Raw Deal for Low-Income, Working-Class People

CEPR News December 2012

Nick Kristof Needs to Stop Spouting (and Tweeting) Shoddy Statistics About Young People with Severe Disabilities

The Chained CPI is a Bad Deal for Kids and Low-Income Working-Age Adults Too

Real Poverty Really Did Rise During Recent Recession

Nicholas Kristof Bravely Urges Congress to Cut Supplemental Security for Children with Severe Disabilities

How to Get $500 Million: Play Powerball or Become a CEO

Part-time Work Isn't Driving Inequality

Does the NYT Know that Much of the Working Class is Not White?

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, October 19 – 26, 2012

CEPR News September 2012

The Poverty Rate is Higher than the Federal Government Says It Is

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, September 8 – 14, 2012

Growing Together, Growing Apart

More Work, Less Income in 2011

The Minimum Wage as an Anti-Inequality Policy

Contra Santorum: Most Adults in Poverty Marry and Have High School Diplomas

The NYT and the 'Disorganized Single-Mother' Meme

NewtAid at 16: The Failure of TANF and Conservative Social Policy

Labor Market Policy Research Reports July 21 – August 3, 2012

The Supplemental Poverty Measure: Is Child Poverty Really Less of a Problem than We Thought?

CEPR News July 2012

Why Don't We Feel 63 Percent Richer?

Family Structure is Overrated as an Explanation of Inequality, Part 5

Labor Market Policy Research Reports July 14 – 20, 2012

Income-Related Inequalities in Health Care

Family Structure is Overrated as an Explanation of Family Income Inequality, Part 4 on DeParle's Marriage Plot

Family Structure is Overrated as an Explanation of Inequality, Part 3 on DeParle's Marriage Plot

Family Structure is Overrated as an Explanation of Inequality, Part 2 on DeParle

Family Structure is Overrated as an Explanation of Inequality

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, July 7 – 13, 2012

People Living Below the Income Poverty Line Today are Better Educated than Ever

Labor Market Policy Research Reports June 22 – 29, 2012

Labor Market Policy Research Reports May 14 - 18, 2012

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, April 23 - 27, 2012

College Aid Not Keeping Pace with College Costs

CEPR News March 2012

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, March 12-16, 2012

Should Presidential Candidates Be Afraid to Talk about Declining Mobility and Growing Inequality?

More on the Recent Past and Near Future of Economic Mobility

Unequal Access to Education and the Gatsby Curve

Charles Murray, Trade Unionist

Les Enfants Français are More Upwardly Mobile than American Kids

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, Feb. 13 – 17, 2012

Labor Market Policy Research Reports, January 30 - February 3, 2012

Representative Ryan Tries the Old Generational War Trick to Divert Attention from His Side's Class War

NYT Misleads on Poverty Trends

New Obama Poverty Measure Lowers Poverty Rates in Most States and Among Children

One Poverty Roll Please, Hold the Mayo!

Ending Loser Liberalism and Restructuring the Market Economy

Research for the 99%

Stan Greenberg Appears to be Confused About the Effects of Conservative Block Grant Schemes

Supplemental Security Income for Disabled Kids: A Success Story Conservatives Don't Want to Tell

Living on the Edge: Economic Insecurity

Rich Lowry and the Heritage Foundation Need to Get their Stories Straight

Nobody Gets Rich On Their Own: Richard Posner Edition

Why is Elaine Kamarck So Hung Up on Defending Conservative Social Policy?

Why I'm Not Surprised by Heritage's "Surprising" Poverty Facts

Is the Poverty Rate Today Reaching Reagan or Eisenhower Levels? Do We Need a "New War on Poverty"?

2000-2011: A Lost Economic Decade

How Conservatives Screwed Up Welfare Reform

Caught Between a Job and Your Credit Score

Census Bureau Report Shows Deterioration in Economic Security

New York City's Family Rewards Demonstration