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Budget and National Debt

CEPR examines how federal and state budgets and fluctuation in taxes affect wages, housing, health care and economic well-being.  Also see our IOUSA Not OK issue page for more analysis.


The Budgetary Implications of Higher Federal Reserve Board Interest Rates

March 2015, Dean Baker

Stimulus and Fiscal Consolidation: The Evidence and Implications

July 2014, Dean Baker and David Rosnick

Financial Engineering: The Simple Way to Reduce Government Debt Burdens

July 2013, Dean Baker and Sheva Diagne

Reducing Waste With an Efficient Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

February 2013, Dean Baker

Raising the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap: How Many Workers Would Pay More?

January 2013, Nicole Woo, Janelle Jones and John Schmitt

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Op-Eds & Columns

The Biggest Threat to the U.S. Budget: A Fed Rate Hike?

Dean Baker
Fortune, March 11, 2015

Evidence of Intelligent Life in the Economics Profession

Dean Baker
Al Jazeera America, March 2, 2015

Greece Does Battle with Creationist Economics: Can Germany Be Brought into the 21st Century?

Dean Baker
Truthout, February 16, 2015

A Social Security Payroll Tax Freedom Day for the 1 Percent

Nicole Woo
The Hill, February 10, 2015

Will the United States End up Like Greece? The Risks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Dean Baker
Truthout, February 9, 2015

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NC Policy Watch Crucial Conversation luncheon

Getting Back to Full Employment and Reducing Inequality

The Safety Net, Sequestration and Austerity Politics

Cost-of-Living Adjustments and Federal Benefits: Understanding the Full Implications of Change

The Future of Social Security with Dean Baker

The Fiscal Cliff: New Heights of Sensationalism

Threats to Medicare: The Election and the Lame Duck Congress

Financial Reform Summit III: "From Dodd-Frank to Occupy and Everything In Between"

Equality Matters: Tax Credits for Working Families

Tax Equity: Paying Fair

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Press Releases

Raising Interest Rates could have an Adverse Effect on Federal and State Budgets

March 9, 2015

Budget Calculator Puts Costs of Programs and Cuts into Perspective

July 22, 2013

Reducing Government Debt Burdens through Bond Buy Backs

July 10, 2013

Dean Baker Statement on the Chained CPI and the President's Budget

 April 5, 2013

Statement on the Financial Transaction Tax and Harkin-Defazio Bill

February 28, 2013

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Influencing the Debate from Outside the Mainstream: Keep it Simple

September 2014, Dean Baker

No Need to Talk About Taking an Ax to Safety Net for the Poor
December 16, 2010, Dean Baker's Comments at Brookings Institution Forum

Other Resources

Budget Deficit: NPR Interview with Dean Baker
February 9, 2007 (audio)

The Causes of Economic Hardships for the Middle Class
Dean Baker\'s testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee, January 31, 2007

What if the Answers Don\'t Add Up? Transparency and Government Data
Heritage Foundation panel discussion featuring Heather Boushey, March 14, 2006 (audio)

The Federal Budget and its Impact on State Budgets
Presentation by Dean Baker at the Economic Opportunity Institute in Seattle (audio), Nov. 21, 2005

CEPR\'s Budget Calculator
Converts dollar amounts into either dollars per capita or into a percentage of total revenues, total discretionary spending, or the total budget.

CEPR Economics Seminar Series
Audio and video files of ten CEPR lectures on economic issues

The Conservative Nanny State

The Conservative Nanny State
How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer
free e-book by Dean Baker

Social Security

Social Security: The Phony Crisis
by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot

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