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New Paper Finds No Evidence that Latin America’s Economic Growth Rebound Results from a “Commodities Boom”

May 21, 2014

Twenty Years after NAFTA, Mexico Has Experienced Lagging Growth, Persistent Poverty and Increased Unemployment

February 12, 2014

Mexico’s Economic Failure is Driving Force in Sunday’s Election, Says New CEPR Report
June 27, 2012

Appointment of Stanley Fischer to Head the IMF Would "Institutionalize Lack of Accountability," CEPR Co-Director Says
June 13, 2011

Holding the World Bank Accountable for its Research: The Case of NAFTA

May 24, 2007

Mexican Tribunal Releases More Information on Recount Data, After Announcing Decision
September 7, 2006    En español

CEPR Adds up Available Recount Data, Finds Significant Vote Reduction for Calderon
September 2, 2006   En español

Discrepancies and Lack of Transparency Mar Mexican Election Results
August 30, 2006

Mexico's Electoral Commission's Partial Release of Data Raises More Questions
July 25, 2006

Electoral Commission’s Mistakes Undermine Credibility of Mexico's Election
July 5, 2006

Report Highlights Key Economic Issues In Mexico's Election
June 23, 2006

Combined Federal Campaign #79613