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Other Resources

Low-Wage European Research Network (LoWER)
This international network brings together European researchers on wages, inequality, immigration, gender and employment behaviour to address the problem of social exclusion.


Services and Employment:
Explaining the U.S.-European Gap
with two chapters co-authored by John Schmitt
Princeton University Press (2007)

Flat World, Big Gaps

Flat World, Big Gaps:
Economic Liberalization, Globalization, Poverty And Inequality
with a chapter by Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker, and David Rosnick, and a chapter co-authored by Heather Boushey
Published in association with the United Nations (2007)

Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy

Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy
edited by Dean Baker and Robert Pollin


Newsweek International
Europe: The Great Jobs Machine

John Schmitt's briefing paper on employment rates was featured in this Newsweek International report. November 20, 2006