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Election of Luis Almagro as New OAS Secretary General Represents “Declining US Influence in Latin America,” CEPR Co-Director Says

March 18, 2015

Syriza Victory in Greece Could Be a “Historic Turning Point” for Eurozone Economic Policy, CEPR Co-Director Says

January 25, 2015

New Paper Concludes that Greece Will Need Better Macroeconomic Policies to Exit from Mass Unemployment

January 23, 2015

Five Years after Haiti’s Earthquake, International Community Still Must Act to Address Urgent Needs, CEPR Co-Director Says

January 12, 2015

Obama’s Change of Cuba Policy is Welcome and Long Overdue; Reflects Increasing U.S. Isolation in a Latin America Mostly Run by Left Governments, Says CEPR Co-Director

December 17, 2014

Slower Population Growth Could Significantly Reduce Carbon Emissions, Paper Finds

December 11, 2014

Dilma’s Electoral Victory in Brazil Should Be No Surprise after Economic and Social Gains under PT Governments, CEPR Co-Director Says

October 26, 2014

IMF Recommends Changes to Prevent Future Debt Rulings like the One Against Argentina

October 7, 2014

Economists Call on Congress to Mitigate Fallout from Ruling on Argentine Debt

July 31, 2014

Haiti Aid Reform Bill “Will Be a Step in the Right Direction,” CEPR Co-Director Says

July 25, 2014

New Paper Finds No Evidence that Latin America’s Economic Growth Rebound Results from a “Commodities Boom”

May 21, 2014

OAS Insider Reveals Details of Illegal Foreign Intervention Against Haitian Democracy

February 25, 2014

Twenty Years after NAFTA, Mexico Has Experienced Lagging Growth, Persistent Poverty and Increased Unemployment

February 12, 2014

New Paper Finds that Honduras’ Economic and Social Gains Under Zelaya Were Largely Reversed After the Coup

November 6, 2013

Ecuador or Another Country Should Grant Asylum to Snowden, CEPR Co-Director Says

June 23, 2013

Economists Call on Media to Report "Overwhelming Evidence" Regarding Venezuelan Election Results

June 7, 2013

United States Still a No-Vacation Nation

May 24, 2013

Venezuelan Audit Can’t Find Any Different Result in Presidential Election, Statistical Analysis Shows

April 26, 2013

Maduro’s Win, Though Narrow, Likely Results from People’s Improved Living Standards in Chávez Era, says CEPR Co-Director

April 15, 2013

New Report on Deadly Honduras Counterdrugs Operation Raises New Questions Regarding U.S. Role

April 9, 2013

New Report on U.S. Aid to Haiti Finds “Troubling” Lack of Transparency, Effectiveness

April 3, 2013

UN Response to Haiti Cholera Complaint “Represents a Failure of the UN System,” CEPR Co-Director Says

February 21, 2013

Ecuador's Election a "Referendum on Economic Policies," CEPR Co-Director Says

February 18, 2013

New Paper Finds that Ecuadorean Financial Reforms Under Correa Have Been Successful

February 14, 2013

New Paper Finds that the IMF is Promoting Socially and Economically Harmful Policies Broadly Across Europe

January 28, 2013

Three Years Later, Haiti Still Struggling Due to Failures of International Community

January 11, 2013

Haiti-D.R. Cholera Eradication Plan “Welcome,” But Unclear Where Funding Will Come From, CEPR Co-Director Says

December 11, 2012

Chávez Re-Election Continues Trend of Left Governments Re-elected in South America

October 7, 2012

Analysis of Polling Data Gives Venezuela’s Capriles a 5.7 Percent Probability of Winning the Election

October 4, 2012

New Report Looks at Sustainability of Venezuela’s Economic Recovery

September 26, 2012

British Threat to Raid Ecuadorean Embassy is a Grave Violation of Diplomatic Conventions and International Law, CEPR Co-Director Says

August 16, 2012

New Investigative Report into DEA-Related Killings in Honduras Finds Inconsistencies Between U.S. and Honduran Officials’ Statements, Survivor Accounts

August 15, 2012

OECD Strikes Out in Explanation of the Causes of Inequality
July 12, 2012

Three Years After Coup in Honduras, Legacy is One of Murders, Impunity, and Coups and Attempted Coups Elsewhere in the Region, CEPR Co-Director Says
June 28, 2012

Mexico’s Economic Failure is Driving Force in Sunday’s Election, Says New CEPR Report
June 27, 2012

International Community Should Defend Democratic Government in Paraguay From Coup Attempt, CEPR Co-Director Says

June 22, 2012

CEPR Co-Directors Call on Federal Reserve to Intervene in Spanish Bond Market
June 4, 2012

New Paper Finds Jamaican Economy to Be Held Back by Pro-Cyclical Conditions Demanded by IMF, Creditors
May 7, 2012

New Paper Examines Ecuador's Success in Emerging from Economic Recession; Reducing Poverty and Unemployment
May 2, 2012

Cholera Infections Rising Again in Haiti as Rainy Season Begins, Highlighting Urgency for NGOs, Agencies to Redouble Their Efforts, CEPR Co-Director Says
April 3, 2012

Obama Administration’s Nomination of Jim Yong Kim for World Bank President is a Victory for Reform, CEPR Co-Director Says
March 23, 2012

Bill Clinton’s Admission of UN Responsibility for Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic is a Welcome Step Forward, CEPR Co-Director Says
March 8, 2012

CEPR Co-Director Welcomes Jeffrey Sachs' Reform Candidacy for World Bank President
March 1, 2012

New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro
February 23, 2012

Two Years Later, Haitians Are Worse Off Due to Cholera, Lack of Accountability, CEPR Co-Director Says
January 10, 2012

MINUSTAH Must Take Responsibility for Causing Cholera Epidemic That’s Killed 7,000 People, CEPR Co-Director Says
December 19, 2011

Latvia’s Economic Failure Has Important Lessons for Eurozone, New CEPR Paper Concludes
December 8, 2011

CEPR Co-Directors Call for Fed to Intervene in European Bond Market
November 28, 2011

G20 Continues With Failed Policies in Europe, Putting Regional and Global Economy at Risk, CEPR Co-Director Says
November 4, 2011

New CEPR Paper Casts Doubt on Claims that Latin American "Social Democratic" Governments Have Done Better on Inequality than "Populist" Ones
October 27, 2011

New Paper Examines Argentina’s Economic Success
October 21, 2011

On One-Year Anniversary of Cholera’s Return to Haiti, CEPR Co-Director Calls for Restitution from United Nations Troops
October 19, 2011

OAS Overturned Haitian Presidential Election in a "Political Intervention," New CEPR Paper Suggests
October 17, 2011

Debate on the Eurozone Crisis Between CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot and Luc Everaert, Assistant Director of the European Department of the IMF
September 29, 2011

Appointment of Stanley Fischer to Head the IMF Would "Institutionalize Lack of Accountability," CEPR Co-Director Says
June 13, 2011

Humala's Win in Peru Consolidates Gains for Left, More Independent and Democratic South America, CEPR Co-Director Says
June 5, 2011

Brazilian Macroeconomic Policy Needs New Debate, Says CEPR Paper
June 2, 2011

New Paper Finds Pro-Cyclical IMF Agreement and Debt Burden are Blocking Jamaica's Economic Progress
May 4, 2011

New Report Looks at Economic Growth Rebound for Low- and Middle-Income Countries Over the Last Decade
April 14, 2011

Ecuador’s Expulsion of U.S. Ambassador Another Setback for Failed U.S.-Latin America Policy, CEPR Co-Director Says
April 5, 2011

As Aristide Heads Back to Haiti, Governments Should Respect International Law and Not Try to Block His Return, CEPR Co-Director Says
March 17, 2011

"Big Setback" for Haitian Democracy as U.S. Gets Its Way; Forces Runoff Elections Between Two Right-Wing Candidates, CEPR Co-Director Says
February 3, 2011

“Sad Day for Haitian Democracy” as U.S. Threatens to Cut Off Aid to Haiti in Order to Reverse its Election Results, CEPR Co-Director Says
January 25, 2011

CEPR Publishes Analysis of OAS Report Finding Serious Flaws, Unsupported Conclusions by the OAS Mission
January 17, 2011

CEPR Examines OAS Report on Haiti's Election, Finds It "Inconclusive, Statistically Flawed, and Indefensible"
January 11, 2011

Haiti Election Recount Report Reveals Massive Irregularities Beyond Those Noticed by the OAS and CEP

January 9, 2011

Recount and Review of Haiti’s Election Tally Shows Massive Irregularities

December 30, 2010

Private, Opposition TV Continues to Dominate in Venezuela, New Paper Finds
December 13, 2010 En Español

New Paper Finds Big Increase in Trade is Transforming Colombian-Venezuelan Relations
November 16, 2010 En Español

New Paper Finds IMF Policies are Increasing Risks to Economic Recovery in European, Other Countries
October 21, 2010

CEPR Co-Director Criticizes U.S. Funding of Flawed “Elections” in Haiti
October 14, 2010

IMF Forecasts Global Slowdown, But Policies Remain Pro-cyclical In Many Countries
October 6, 2010

Obama Administration Should Oppose Any Attempted Coup in Ecuador: CEPR Co-Director
September 30, 2010 En Español

Venezuelan Recession Likely Ended in Second Quarter
September 3, 2010 En Español

New Report Suggests Stimulus Better for Spanish Economy, Debt Burden, Than Austerity
July 22, 2010

New Report Shows European Countries Offer Far More Parental Leave Than U.S.
July 19, 2010

IMF's Economic Growth Projections for Latin America and Caribbean Appear Questionable
April 28, 2009

New CEPR Study Looks at Recent Inflation in Latin America, in Context of Current Economic Slowdown
February 11, 2009

Report Examines Economy and Social Indicators During the Chávez Decade in Venezuela
February 5, 2009

Bolivia Approves New Constitution; How Will the Obama Administration Respond?
January 26, 2009

Attempt to Convene Last-Minute WTO "mini-Ministerial" Collapses In the Midst of Global Recession
December 12, 2008

New Report Shows Need for Rapid Debt Cancellation for Haiti in Wake of Recent Disasters
December 8, 2008

New Paper Finds That Oil Price Decline Doesn't Threaten Venezuelan Economic Growth
November 18, 2008

Obama Has Historic Opportunity to Improve Ties With Latin America
November 6, 2008   En español

No Debt Service Problems Likely in Argentina, Paper Finds
October 3, 2008   En español

U.S. Should Disclose its Funding of Opposition Groups in Bolivia and Other Latin American Countries
September 12, 2008   En español

New Paper Suggests Bolivian Conflict Revolves Around Lopsided Control Over Land and Natural Gas
July 30, 2008    En español

WTO Talks Collapse Amidst Developing Countries' Reluctance to Sacrifice Food Security
July 29, 2008   En español

WTO Negotiations Face Significant Challenges: CEPR Analysis
July 17, 2008

CEPR Responds to Debate About Venezuelan Economy
April 17, 2008   En español

CEPR Paper Responds to Foreign Affairs on Venezuela
March 21, 2008

U.S. Recession Will Hurt Major U.S. Trading Partners, Projections Show
March 6, 2008

New Data Shows Continued Economic Progress in Venezuela
February 1, 2008

Delayed Debt Cancellation Will Only Hurt Haiti, New CEPR Paper Finds
December 12, 2007

Venezuela: Datanalisis Pollster Dismisses the Firm’s Own Poll
November 30, 2007   En español

Risk of Deceptions in Venezuelan Referendum, CEPR Warns
November 28, 2007   En español

Lessons from Argentina: New Paper Looks at Economic Policy in Argentina's High-Growth Recovery
October 24, 2007   En español

New Article Examines the Impact of the Asian Financial Crisis After Ten Years
August 7, 2007

New CEPR Paper Looks At Venezuela's Economy During the Chávez Years
July 26, 2007   En español

U.S. Productivity Growth Still Trails Europe
June 12, 2007

Does the Financial Times Believe the U.S. Unemployment Rate is 13 Percent?
June 5, 2007

Holding the World Bank Accountable for its Research: The Case of NAFTA

May 24, 2007

U.S. Only Advanced Economy That Does Not Guarantee Workers Paid Vacation
May 16, 2007

IMF's Support for Coup Government in 2002 May Have Influenced Venezuela's Decision to Withdraw

May 1, 2007
En español

Economists Analyze Argentina's Economic Expansion at 5 Years
April 10, 2007

New Report Raises Doubts About IMF Growth Projections
April 4, 2007

Argentine Economist Roberto Frenkel Joins CEPR, Releases Paper on Central Bank Intervention
February 7, 2007

CEPR Looks at Economic Issues in Ecuador's Tight Presidential Election
November 21, 2006    En español

American "Jobs Machine" Falling Behind Europe
October 10, 2006

What Will A Second Term For Lula Look Like?
September 22, 2006    En español

Old Europe Goes to Work: Rising Employment Rates in the European Union

September 19, 2006

Mexican Tribunal Releases More Information on Recount Data, After Announcing Decision
September 7, 2006    En español

CEPR Analysis Shows 'Adding Up' Problem for Half of Ballot Boxes
August 30, 2006   En español

Analysis of Data From Mexican Election Recount Raises Serious Questions
August 8, 2006  
En español

US Behind Europe in Employment for Disadvantaged, Income Mobility, Health, and Crime
August 1, 2006

Mexico's Electoral Commission's Partial Release of Data Raises More Questions
July 25, 2006

New Report Projects Shrinking Market For U.S. Imports
July 11, 2006

Electoral Commission’s Mistakes Undermine Credibility of Mexico's Election
July 5, 2006

Report Highlights Key Economic Issues In Mexico's Election
June 23, 2006

New Paper Explains Falling Poverty Rates in Venezuela, Corrects Misreporting
May 24, 2006

Costs of WTO 'Development Round' Could Outweigh Benefits for Developing Countries
December 15, 2005

World Bank's Claims on WTO Doha Round Clarified
November 22, 2005

Economists Document Long-Term Growth Fall-Off for Developing Countries
September 21, 2005

Statement: Economic Arguments Surrounding CAFTA Remain Misunderstood
Statement by Mark Weisbrot, July 14, 2005

Experts Available for Interviews on IMF/World Bank Issues
April 14, 2005

Poor Country Gains from Trade Greatly Overstated
November 18, 2004

Can Developing Countries Afford to Hold Dollar Reserves?
September 29, 2004

CEPR Releases Report on Prescription Drug Research
September 22, 2004

Study Finds Economists' Allegations of Fraud in Venezuelan Referendum to Be Groundless
September 20, 2004 

Alternative Economic Policies Would Aid Development
August 3, 2004

Bretton Woods’ 60th Anniversary

July 20, 2004

International Forum for Development Examines UNCTAD 2004 LDC Report
July 14, 2004

Public Misconception #103 : Bad Sources on "Insourcing"
Statement by Dean Baker and David Rosnick
March 24, 2004

Study Finds Solution to Deficit Woes Through Buying Into Foreign Health Programs
March 2004

NAFTA at Ten: World Bank Study Found to be Flawed
March 1, 2004

Argentina’s President Kirchner Arrives Tonight for Meeting with President Bush
July 22, 2003

One Year after Seattle: Globalization Revisited

November 27, 2000

New Report from CEPR Examines International Growth Slowdown In the Era of IMF Influence
September 25, 2000

Economists Issue Statement Questioning German Austerity Policies
September 29, 1999