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Other Resources

Returning Honduras to Democratic and Constitutional Order with President Manuel Zelaya
Discussion with H.E. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, President of the Republic of Honduras, with an introduction by Mark Weisbrot and moderation by
George Washington University's Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program 's Cynthia McClintock, September 2, 2009. (Video and Audio)

Ecuador`s Debt Audit: Implications in the Global Economic Crisis
Minister of Finance of Ecuador, María Elsa Viteri, discussed the implications of the Ecuadorian debt situation in the context of the global economic crisis, including the negative impacts of deregulation of the financial markets and the lack of appropriate established international mechanisms for auditing developing country debt. December 11, 2008.

Media Briefing: Ecuador`s Debt

Discussion with Neil Watkins, Executive Director of Jubilee USA, and CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot on prospects for Ecuador`s debt default, December 10, 2008. (Audio)

Bolivia’s Democratic and Economic Changes

Discussion with Luis Arce, Bolivian Finance Minister, Carlos Villegas, Bolivian Minister of Planning and Development, and CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot, October 10, 2008. (Video)

Latin America in the Post-Bush Era: What Can We Expect in the Next Phase of U.S.-Latin American Relations?
Discussion with Mark Weisbrot of CEPR and Álvaro Vargas Llosa, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Global Prosperity at the Independent Institute, May 29, 2008.
(Audio and Video)


IFI Watchnet
This international network connects organizations researching the international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the IMF, and regional development banks.


Neoliberalism, Globalization and Inequalities:
Consequences for Health and Quality of Life

with a chapter by Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker and David Rosnick
Baywood Publishing Co. (2007)

Flat World, Big Gaps

Flat World, Big Gaps:
Economic Liberalization, Globalization, Poverty And Inequality
with a chapter by Mark Weisbrot, Dean Baker, and David Rosnick, and a chapter co-authored by Heather Boushey
(forthcoming in May 2007)

Latin America`s Economic Prospects as the U.S. Economy Slows
Discussion featuring Mark Weisbrot of CEPR and Anne Krueger, former World Bank Chief Economist and first Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, May 14, 2008. (Audio and Video)

U.S. Policy Toward Latin America in the Post-Bush Era

Panel discussion featuring CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot, Greg Craig, senior foreign policy advisor to Barack Obama; Nora Lustig, professor at George Washington University; and Mark Schneider vice-president at the International Crisis Group, March 25, 2008. (Audio and Video)

An Assessment of the First Two Years of the Morales Administration in Bolivia
Discussion featuring Jean Paul Guevara Ávila, Director General of Bilateral Relations, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, and Deborah James of CEPR, January 17, 2008. (Audio and Video)

Bank of the South - An Alternative to the IMF and World Bank
Discussion featuring Rodrigo Cabezas, Minister of Finance of Venezuela; Gustavo Guzman, Ambassador of Bolivia to the United States; Mark Weisbrot, and Deborah James, of CEPR, October 23, 2007. (Audio and Video)

The IMF/World Bank, the Economy and Energy Policy in Bolivia
Discussion featuring Carlos Villegas, Minister of Energy of Bolivia and CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot, October 17, 2007. (Video)

From Financial Dependence to Latin American Integration: Strategies and Challenges of the Banco del Sur
Mark Weisbrot spoke at a conference in Madrid, Spain hosted by Casa de América,
September 19, 2007. (Video)

A Discussion on Foreign Investment in Bolivia
Discussion featuring Pablo Solón Romero Oroza, Plenipotentiary Representative for Integration and Trade Issues for the Bolivian Government, and CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot, May 31, 2007. (Audio and Photos)

Holding the World Bank Accountable for its Research
: The Case of NAFTA, Correspondence with the World Bank over erroneous research results purporting to show that NAFTA had a positive influence on Mexico`s economic growth, May 24, 2007

Global Imbalances, Power Shifts and the Future of Multilateralism
, Panel featuring Joseph Stiglitz, José Antonio Ocampo and Mark Weisbrot, April 12, 2007
(Audio, Video, and Transcript)

A Latin American Success Story: Five Years of Extraordinary Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Argentina, Discussion featuring Felisa Josefina Miceli and Mark Weisbrot, April 12, 2007 (Audio and Video)

After the Monroe Doctrine: The Future of U.S.-Latin America Relations, Mark Weisbrot and Riorden Roett discuss U.S.-Latin America relations, Jan. 24, 2007 (Audio, Transcript and PowerPoints)

Social Spending in Venezuela
Two data tables on social spending in Venezuela (1990-2005)

Latin America`s Electoral Leftward Shift: The Importance of Economic Growth
Press Breakfast with Mark Weisbrot and Claudio Loser, March 14, 2006 (Audio and Transcript)

Argentina`s Economic Recovery: Four Years After the Meltdown
Press Breakfast with Mark Weisbrot and Michael Mussa, Nov. 30, 2005 (Video and Transcript)

CEPR Economics Seminar Series

Basic Economics for Policy Analysis and Self Defense
Audio and video files of ten CEPR lectures on economic issues

Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy

Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy
edited by Dean Baker and Robert Pollin