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Press Releases

Black Recent Grads Hardest Hit by the Great Recession

May 20,2014

New CEPR Project highlights cycle of excessive pay for CEOs and directors

February 13, 2014

Twenty Years after NAFTA, Mexico Has Experienced Lagging Growth, Persistent Poverty and Increased Unemployment

February 12, 2014

Married with Children, The Invisible Impoverished

November 8, 2012

The Small-Dollar Loan Problem

August 29, 2012

OECD Strikes Out in Explanation of the Causes of Inequality
July 12, 2012

Proposals Raising the Normal Retirement Age for Social Security Would Lead to Increase in Inequality
April 11, 2012

New Report: Increase in Retirement Age Disproportionately Hurts Workers at the Bottom
October 28, 2010

Unemployment Jumps to 8.1 Percent as Job Loss Accelerates
March 6, 2009 (Jobs Byte)

CEPR Releases Summary of Tax and Benefit Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
February 2, 2009

Child Tax Credit in Need of Overhaul
January 15, 2009

New Method Needed to Assess What Working-Class Families Need to Make Ends Meet
December 23, 2008

Sharpest Consumption Drop Since 1980 Pushes GDP Negative
October 30, 2008 (GDP Byte)

Inflation Levels Off in September
October 16, 2008 (Prices Byte)

Are You Better Off in 2008 Than You Were in 2000?
September 25, 2008

Policymakers Should Promote Access to Driving by Reducing License Suspensions
July 17, 2008

Housing Market Meltdown Will Cause Massive Losses in Household Wealth
July 9, 2008

Baby Boomers Face Massive Loss of Retirement Wealth Due to Housing Market Meltdown
June 24, 2008

One in Five People in Working Families Fail to Attain to the Middle Class
February 21, 2008

Buyer Beware: Housing Calculator Compares Cost of Owning vs. Renting in 379 Regions
June 26, 2007

Ratio of Mortgage Debt to Housing Value Hits New Record
June 7, 2007 (Housing Byte)

Economy Adds 157,000 Jobs in May
June 1, 2007 (Jobs Byte)

U.S. Only Advanced Economy That Does Not Guarantee Workers Paid Vacation
May 16, 2007

Job Growth Slows in April
May 4, 2007 (Jobs Byte)

Jump in Energy Prices Leads to 0.6 Percent March Rise in CPI
April 17, 2007 (Prices Byte)

New Book Explains Right Turn in US Politics Since 1980
April 3, 2007

Over 40 Million Jobs - 1 in 3 - Pay Low Wages
March 15, 2007

Weakening Housing Market Leads to Rising Debt Burdens
March 8, 2007 (Housing Byte)

Higher Energy Prices Cause December Spike in CPI
January 18, 2007 (Prices Byte)

Wages Continue to Trend Upwards
January 5, 2007 (Jobs Byte)

Falling Car and Airfare Prices Leave Core Inflation Unchanged
December 15, 2006 (Prices Byte)

U.S. Recession Looms in 2007
November 29, 2006

"Tag-Team Parenting" Used by Lower-Income, Less-Educated Parents
August 29, 2006

Student Debt Rising Due To Higher College Costs
September 7, 2005

Housing Calculator Compares Cost of Owning vs. Renting in 378 U.S. Regions
August 3, 2005

The ABCs of the Housing Bubble
July 7, 2005

"Progressive" Social Security Benefit Cuts Would Fall Heaviest on Middle Class
May 2, 2005

CEPR Updates Social Security Calculator
April 20, 2005

Unemployment Insurance Recipients More Likely to Have Health Benefits in Next Job
April 14, 2005

A Misinformed Public: The Real Problem
Statement by Dean Baker, Mark Weisbrot, and David Rosnick, April 12, 2005

Social Security Is Very Important Anti-Poverty Program for Children
March 29, 2005

Health Care Costs Pose a Larger Economic Burden than Prospective Social Security Tax Hikes
March 24, 2005

Inheritable Accounts to Be an Empty Promise for Many Black Men
February 9, 2005

Study on Social Security Shortfalls Impact on Senior Poverty Flawed
January 18, 2005

Homeownership Not Always Best Option for Low Income Families
January 11, 2005

Study Finds Solution to Deficit Woes Through Buying Into Foreign Health Programs
March 2004

Understanding the Social Security Trustees Report: Will Trustees Follow CBO on Growth Projections?
March 16, 2001

The Crashing Stock Market -- A Predictable Disaster
March 13, 2001

Reality Catches Up with the Stock Market
December 4, 2000

Social Security Privatization Suffers Election Setback
November 8, 2000

CEPR Releases Study on the Cost of the Stock Market Over-Valuation
October 18, 2000

CEPR Releases Cost Projections for Bush and Gore Individual Account Proposals
July 17, 2000

CEPR Releases New Study of Bush Social Security Plan
June 14, 2000

Double Bubble: The Implications of the Over-Valuation of the Stock Market and the Dollar

May 31, 2000