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Social Security and Retirement

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For reporting on misleading statements and lies about Social Security in the media and by politicians and officials, visit our blog the Social Security Monitor.


Scrapping the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap: Who Would Pay More?

April 2014, Nicole Woo, Janelle Jones, and John Schmitt

Has Education Paid Off for Black Workers?

June 2013, Janelle Jones and John Schmitt

The Facts on Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income for Workers with Disabilities

May 2013, Shawn Fremstad, Rebecca Vallas

Making Jobs Good

April 2013, John Schmitt and Janelle Jones

Raising the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap: How Many Workers Would Pay More?

January 2013, Nicole Woo, Janelle Jones and John Schmitt

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Government Spending on the Forbes 400 Compared with Government Spending on Kids

The Big Tax Increase Nobody Noticed

How Old Will Social Security Be When the Rich Pay the Same Rate as the Rest of Us?

What's 35 Grand to Marco Rubio? Apparently Not Much

What Was (Is) the “War on Poverty” Anyway and Does it Matter Today?

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Op-Eds & Columns

California Pension Fund Gives the Boot to Hedge Funds

Dean Baker
September 30, 2014, Al Jazeera America

What Does The Fed Have To Do With Social Security? Plenty

Dean Baker
Al Jazeera America, August 19, 2014

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, Yet Again: Review of Dead Men Ruling

Dean Baker
The Huffington Post, July 22, 2014

The Veterans Affairs Scandal and Plans for Downsizing the Social Security Administration

Dean Baker
Truthout, June 2, 2014

The Attack of the Robots: Economists' Silly Fantasies

Dean Baker
The Blog, Huffington Post, February 3, 2014

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Rethinking the Economics of Pensions II

The Role of Social Security, Defined Benefits, and Private Retirement Accounts in the Face of the Retirement Crisis

National Council on Teacher Retirement 13th Annual Trustee Workshop

The Safety Net, Sequestration and Austerity Politics

Cost-of-Living Adjustments and Federal Benefits: Understanding the Full Implications of Change

The Future of Economic Security: Work and Social Insurance

The Future of Social Security with Dean Baker

Return Assumptions on New Mexico Pension Plans

The Future of Social Security and Medicare

Future of Retirement Security

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Press Releases

Statement on the Report of the Society of Actuaries Blue Ribbon Panel on Pension Funding

March 4, 2014

Five Policies That Could Improve Job Quality in the United States

April 26, 2013

Dean Baker Statement on the Chained CPI and the President's Budget

 April 5, 2013

Statement on the Financial Transaction Tax and Harkin-Defazio Bill

February 28, 2013

The Effects of Raising the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap

January 24, 2013

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Social Security

Social Social: The Phony Crisis
by Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot

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