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Latin American Growth in the 21st Century: The 'Commodities Boom' That Wasn't

May 2014, David Rosnick and Mark Weisbrot

Did NAFTA Help Mexico? An Assessment After 20 Years

February 2014, Mark Weisbrot, Stephan Lefebvre, and Joseph Sammut

The Mexican Economy and the 2012 Elections

June 2012, Mark Weisbrot and Rebecca Ray

An Analysis of Discrepancies in the Mexican Presidential Election Results
August 2006, Mark Weisbrot, Luis Sandoval and Carla Paredes-Drouet

An Analysis of Mexico's Recounted Ballots
August 2006, Mark Weisbrot, David Rosnick, Luis Sandoval and Carla Paredes-Drouet

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The Americas Blog

The Agents of Unregulated Globalization vs. the Agents of the Fight against Climate Change

Former Ambassador Says Mexico Provoked Cuba to Appease Bush White House

On Government Funding of Think Tanks

How Have Latin America’s Political Leaders Responded to Israel’s Siege on Gaza?

NAFTA Advocates Continue to Make Misleading Claims

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Op-Eds & Columns

The U.S. Re-militarization of Central America and Mexico

Alexander Main
NACLA Report on the Americas, June 26, 2014

The Supreme Court Declines to Review Widely Opposed Ruling on Argentine Debt: Why?

Mark Weisbrot
The New York Times, June 22, 2014

China Has Good Reason to Help Stabilize Latin American Economies

Mark Weisbrot
The Guardian, January 31, 2014

Twenty Years Since NAFTA: Mexico Could Have Done Worse, But It’s Not Clear How

Mark Weisbrot
The Guardian, January 4, 2014

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It Lowered Wages, as It Was Supposed to Do

Dean Baker
The New York Times, November 25, 2013

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Latin American Human Rights Defenders on the Impact of U.S. Security Policy in Mexico, Central America and Colombia

Unaccompanied Minors: Undocumented Immigrants, Refugees or Asylum Seekers?

Humanitarian Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Understanding the Surge of Unaccompanied Minors at U.S. Borders

Congressional Briefing: Critical Lessons from NAFTA for the United States and Mexico

“Lessons from NAFTA for the TPP” Did NAFTA Help Mexico?: An Assessment After 20 Years

Obama in Latin America: The U.S. Response to the Region’s Leftward Shift

Press Releases

New Paper Finds No Evidence that Latin America’s Economic Growth Rebound Results from a “Commodities Boom”

May 21, 2014

Twenty Years after NAFTA, Mexico Has Experienced Lagging Growth, Persistent Poverty and Increased Unemployment

February 12, 2014

Mexico’s Economic Failure is Driving Force in Sunday’s Election, Says New CEPR Report
June 27, 2012

Appointment of Stanley Fischer to Head the IMF Would "Institutionalize Lack of Accountability," CEPR Co-Director Says
June 13, 2011

Holding the World Bank Accountable for its Research: The Case of NAFTA

May 24, 2007

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