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January 29, 2015

3:10 PM
Improving and Extending Medicare as a Choice to All

National Press Club
529 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20045

CEPR's Dean Baker will be speaking about improving and extending Medicare as a choice to all at the National Academy of Social Insurance's 27th annual policy research conference, titled "Medicare and Medicaid: The Next 50 Years." He'll be joined by Douglas Holtz-Eakin of the American Action Forum, Sherry Glied of New York University, and Renee Landers of Suffolk Law School. Their session will address coverage over the life span, including the effects of the Affordable Care Act on Medicaid coverage, end-of-life medical and long-term care needs, and the benefits and risks of making Medicare a universal single-payer system.
Registration for the conference is required.  For more information, click here.

Dean's Presentation: PDFpdf_small


December 15, 2014

Noon-1:20 pm
Private Equity at Wharton

Steinberg-Deitrich Hall, Room 116
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
3620 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6370

As part of their Human and Social Capital Seminar series the Management Department of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania will be hosting CEPR's Eileen Appelbaum and her co-author, Rosemary Batt of Cornell University.  They'll be discussing their groundbreaking book, Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street.


December 12, 2014

2:00 PM

2237 Rayburn House Building
Washington, DC 

*Complimentary Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake will be provided

Co-hosted by Rep. John Conyers, the Congressional Full Employment Caucus, and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, sponsor of H.R. 4171, the Labor Statistics Improvement Act

According to the latest unemployment figures, America has seen 10.9 million jobs created over 57 consecutive months of job growth, bringing the official unemployment rate down to 5.8 percent from its peak of 10 percent during the Great Recession.  But policymakers across the political spectrum recognize that the official unemployment rate fails to reflect the true state of economic opportunity in America.  As of November 2014, there are still more than two job-seekers for every single job opening. More than 16 million Americans continue to seek full-time work, including 7 million part-time workers who want full-time work. Another 5.77 million Americans want a job but have become too discouraged to keep searching.  


December 10, 2014

5:30-7:30 PM
Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street

IRL NYC Conference Center 
16 East 34th Street (at Madison)
New York, NY 10016

Registration for this event is required 

The Worker Institute of Cornell University's ILR school are hosting CEPR's Eileen Appelbaum and Cornell ILR faculty Rosemary Batt to discuss the inner workings of private equity in the economy in their latest book, Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street.  Reflections and perspectives will be provided by ILR alumni Steven Berkenfeld, Managing Director Investment Banking, Barclays, and Joshua Cherry-Seto, Chief Financial Officer, Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC.

You may purchase an advance copy for signing fromThe Russell Sage Foundation or other online book and e-book vendors. A limited number of books will be available at the event.





December 1, 2014

6:00 PM
Dean Baker to Deliver MECEP’s 2014 Shepard Lee Lecture

Portland Public Library’s Rines Auditorium
5 Monument Square
Portland, Maine 04101

CEPR's Dean Baker will deliver the next Shepard Lee lecture in Portland, Maine. He'll be speaking about full employment, the main topic of his most recent book, Getting Back to Full Employment: A Better Bargain for Working People, coauthored with Jared Bernstein, which Robert Reich has called “a gem of a book.”

The Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) initiated the Shepard Lee Lecture series to honor the noted entrepreneur, civic leader, political advisor and advocate for justice who has contributed to Maine’s public life for more than five decades.  MECEP is Maine’s leading non-profit research and policy development organization.  

The event is free and open to the public. It will begin at 6:00 p.m. followed by questions from the audience and a reception at the conclusion of the program.


November 19, 2014

6:30 - 8:00 PM
Private Equity at Work: Talk and Book Signing with Eileen Appelbaum and Rosemary Batt

Busboys and Poets
2021 14th Street NW
Washington, District of Columbia, 20009

Join moderator William Greider, National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation, for a cutting edge talk and book signing with CEPR's Eileen Appelbaum and Cornell's Rosemary Batt. In Private Equity at Work, a groundbreaking analysis of a hotly contested business model, Eileen and Rose provide an unprecedented analysis of the little-understood inner workings of private equity (PE) and of the effects of leveraged buyouts on American companies and workers.

Since 2000, nearly 11,500 companies—representing almost 8 million employees—have been purchased by PE firms. As their role in the economy has increased, PE firms have come under fire from labor unions and community advocates who argue that the proliferation of leveraged buyouts destroys jobs, busts unions, causes wages to stagnate, saddles otherwise healthy companies with debt, and leads to subsidies from taxpayers.

This event is co-hosted by IPS’ Inequality & The Common Good, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the Campaign for America's Future, Americans for Financial Reform, Teaching for Change Bookstore, and Busboys and Poets.

Facebook page for this event is located here.


November 13, 2014

9:30 AM
Work In Brazil: A Comparative Perspective

Main Hall (First floor, Block E)
College of Education University of Campinas Campinas, Brazil

As part of an international seminar, CEPR's John Schmitt will be speaking on a panel about "The challenges of the labor market: precariousness." He will be joined by Albert Recio of the Autonomous University of Barcelona as well as Carlos Salas and Anselmo Luiz dos Santos of the University of Campinas.


November 6, 2014

2:30 PM
Recession, recovery, and labor market flexibility in the United States, 2007-2013

Pierre Laroque Conference Room
Ministère des Affaires sociales, de la Santé et des Droits des femmes
14, avenue Duquesne - 75007 Paris, France

On November 6th and 7th, 2014, the French Ministry of Labor, Employment, Training and Social dialogue - the Department of Research, Studies and Statistics (DARES) - and the Center for economic research and its applications (CEPREMAP) have the pleasure to invite you at the conference on “European and American Labor Markets in the Crisis”.


October 29, 2014

Congressional Briefing: Latin American Human Rights Defenders on the Impact of U.S. Security Policy in Mexico, Central America and Colombia

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
1:00-2:30 PM
2226 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Sponsored by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, JASS, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission, CISPES, and CIP-Americas

Hosted by The Office of Representative Hank Johnson

In early June, an unprecedented influx of child migrants fleeing violence in their communities led to a humanitarian emergency along our southern border. Late last month, 43 students in the western Mexican state of Guerrero disappeared after being detained by local police. Though the U.S. has provided hundreds of millions of dollars of assistance to security forces in Mexico and Central America, violence continues to rage in these countries, and - all too often - police and military agents from these countries appear to be a part of the problem.


October 22, 2014

12-1 PM
Private Equity: When Wall Street Manages Main Street

Harvard Kennedy School
Belfer Building
L-4 Conference Room (lobby level entrace on the corner of JFK and Eliot Street).
Cambridge, MA 

The IRI will be hosting a Brown Bag Lunch, featuring Senior Economist at the Center for Economic Policy and Research, Eileen Appelbaum and Alice Hanson Cook Professor of Women and Work,  Industrial and Labor Relations School, Cornell University. In this talk, Eileen Appelbaum and Rosemary Batt will discuss their innovative analysis of a controversial business model from their recent book, Private Equity: When Wall Street Manages Main Street. In their new book, the authors help to demystify the opaque world of private equity and offer the first complete examination of the industry. Furthermore, this work looks closely at the less discussed effects that leveraged buyouts have on American companies, workers, and the U.S. economy at large.

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