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November 9, 2007

The Housing Bubble: We Were Warned

Dean Baker was keynote speaker at the 24th annual meeting of the JOBS NOW Coalition. For more information, please visit the JOBS NOW website.


October 24, 2007

Copyrights: Do They Have a Future in the Internet Age?

Copyrights have been one of the main mechanisms for financing creative and artistic work for centuries. However, the development of digital technology and the internet has brought about growing legal and practical challenges to copyrights. This debate between Dean Baker, Co-director of  CEPR, and Gerard Colby, President of the National Writer's Union, answered the following question: "Are copyrights still useful or should we look to alternative mechanisms to support creative and artistic work?"


October 23, 2007

Bank of the South: An Alternative to the IMF and World Bank

Washington, DC

With Rodrigo Cabezas, Minister of Finance in Venezuela and Gustavo Guzman, Ambassador of Bolivia to the United States

Latin America has experienced an unprecedented long-term economic growth failure over the last quarter-century, at the same time that it has implemented a number of economic policies advocated by the IMF and World Bank. In recent years, the electorate in a number of countries has voted to reject these policies and has elected governments with an explicit mandate to change course on economic policy. These governments have been looking toward and in some cases implementing alternative economic strategies, including regional economic integration. This year, the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, and now Colombia, have decided to form a new "Banco del Sur" as an alternative to the IMF, World Bank, and allied institutions. It is scheduled to be launched on December 9th. Minister Cabezas and Ambassador Guzman joined us to discuss the Bank of the South.


Press Conference

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  • Introduction (7:48)
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  • Remarks by Minister Cabezas (23:01)
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  • Remarks by Ambassador Guzman (8:53)
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  • Question and Answer (39:57)
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Video (Google): Presentation by Minister Cabezas
Video (Google): Presentation by Ambassador Guzman
Video (Google): Question and Answer session


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October 18, 2007

Bridging the Gaps National Conference

CEPR and the Center for Social Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston hosted the Bridging the Gaps conference. A free, day-long conference where prominent researchers and advocates debated how work supports should be designed to give all working families the opportunity to bridge the gaps between their earnings and a basic standard of living.


October 17, 2007

The IMF/World Bank, the Economy and Energy Policy in Bolivia

Bolivia's President Evo Morales made headlines last year when he announced the re-nationalization of Bolivia's natural resources. He also stunned the investment community by letting its last agreement with the IMF expire, and declining to negotiate a new one. Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy, Carlos Villegas gave an overview of the Bolivian economy as well as a summary of the accomplishments and pending challenges in terms of economic and energy issues in Bolivia.

Video: Presentation by Minister Villegas

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October 16, 2007

Working Moms

Heather Boushey spoke on a panel that explored the trend of media stories that show working mothers as either leaving their careers or dreaming of doing so. The discussion was moderated by E. J. Graff, a senior researcher at Brandeis University, and also included Joan Williams, Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California; Ellen Bravo, author of Taking On the Big Boys: Why Feminism Is Good for Families and Business and the Nation; and Linda Hirshman, lawyer and professor emeritus at Brandeis University. Video is available here.


October 10, 2007

Documentary Screening

Inclusion, a CEPR affiliate, co-sponsored the screening of the new documentary Made in L.A. as part of the DC Labor Film Festival.

October 5 - 7, 2007

What's the Economy For, Anyway?

Is it just about having the biggest GDP or the highest Dow Jones Average? Or is it about providing for a healthy, happy, fair, and sustainable society?  Dean Baker, Heather Boushey, John Schmitt, and Mark Weisbrot all spoke at this economics conference, hosted by Take Back Your Time, at the Washington, DC Convention Center as part of the DC Green Festival.


September 19, 2007

From Financial Dependence to Latin American Integration: Strategies and Challenges of the Banco del Sur

Mark Weisbrot spoke at a conference in Madrid, Spain hosted by Casa de América, on the future of the Bank of the South.


September 6 - 7, 2007

27th Congress of the Latin American Studies Association

On September 6, in Montréal, Mark Weisbrot presented on a panel with Eric Hershberg of Simon Fraser University, Michael Hardt of Duke University, and Sam Gindin of York University, with NYU's Greg Grandin chairing. A second panel on September 7 had Mark presenting alongside Javier Corrales of Amherst College, and Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez Herrera. Daniel Hellinger of Webster University chaired.
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