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October 9, 2010

Macroeconomic Policy: What are the Global Trends?

2 pm
The World Bank
MC C1-100
1818 H St, NW
Washington, D.C., 20006

As part of the IMF/WB Fall meetings, CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot debated Petya Koeva Brooks, chief of the World Economic Studies Division at the IMF. In this unique and perhaps unprecedented event, the two economists debated whether IMF policies are appropriate for the current global economic recovery. The debate covered a broad range of countries and issues, including pro-cyclical policies in various countries (e.g. Spain, Greece, Latvia, and other European countries); the feasibility of central bank financing of additional stimulus spending; the risks of premature fiscal consolidation; the particular problems of low-and-middle income countries facing foreign exchange constraints; and other issues raised in the IMF's October World Economic Outlook. The videos below include presentations by both economists as well as extensive back and forth between them on these crucial issues. Deborah James, director of international programs at CEPR, moderated.

Part One: Intro and Petya Koeva Brooks' presentation

Part Two: Mark Weisbrot's presentation

Part Three: Q&A


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