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Mark Weisbrot: Blog Posts

March 20, 2015
Wall Street Journal Gets the Numbers Wrong on Venezuelan Health Care Spending

March 13, 2015
Breaking News: The New York Times Reports on What the Rest of the Western Hemisphere Thinks About the Conflict Between the US and Venezuela

August 06, 2014
Wall Street Journal Uses Bogus Numbers to Smear Argentine President

July 30, 2014
Obama Throws Another Bone to the Right on Venezuela

April 15, 2014
Piketty in Washington: How to Reverse the Increasing Concentration of Wealth

April 10, 2014
Human Rights Watch Should Stick to the Facts on Venezuela

April 04, 2014
FiveThirtyEight Gets it Wrong on Venezuela

March 28, 2014
Media Distortions about Venezuela Not Just a Problem in the U.S.

March 26, 2014
Venezuela: When Some of the Most Important News Comes in the Form of Corrections

March 24, 2014
Venezuela’s Black Market Dollar Plummets on News of New Exchange Rate Mechanism

February 28, 2014
Roger Cohen Defecates On Argentina, Gets Many Things Wrong

February 28, 2014
Wall Street Journal Trashes Argentina Based on WSJ’s Economic Error

February 27, 2014
New York Times Corrects False Statement on Venezuela

June 27, 2013
Obama Team Doing Better With Media than Diplomacy in Snowden Battle

June 26, 2013
U.S. Threats to Other Countries on Snowden Not Working Very Well

May 17, 2013
International Crisis Promotion from the “International Crisis Group”

April 15, 2013
This is Calculated, and Looking Very Suspicious

March 08, 2013
New York Times Reports False Statement on Venezuela’s Economic Growth During Chávez Years

March 05, 2013
Media Bias in Brazil

March 02, 2013
Sean Wilentz and Cold War Liberals Prefer that Untold History Remains Unheard

February 09, 2013
Venezuela Devalues its Currency

January 29, 2013
Piñera Praises Chávez at CELAC Summit; Media Influences Public Opinion on Venezuela But Not So Much Governments

December 22, 2012
Battle Over Secretary of Defense Nomination May Affect Latin America Policy, Too

December 17, 2012
Sunday’s Election Indicates Power Shift is Unlikely in Venezuela

December 12, 2012
Washington Post Predicts Disaster for Venezuela, So What if They Turn Out Wrong for the 19th Time?

November 07, 2012
The South American Way: U.S. Presidential Campaign Unprecedented in its Populist Appeal

October 17, 2012
More Fallout From the Venezuelan Election

October 11, 2012
Public Sector Employment in Venezuela Is Not So Large as the Associated Press Suggests

October 10, 2012
New York Times Can’t Seem To Understand How Their Side Lost In Venezuela

October 04, 2012
Economic Growth in Venezuela

October 02, 2012
Media Bias in Venezuela

January 31, 2012
Brazil’s Per Capita Income Did Not Grow by 200 Percent Over the Past Decade

January 25, 2012
Obama's Main Constituency Has Always Been the Major Media

November 07, 2011
Weisbrot to WaPo Ombudsman: Article on Social Security Contributed to Ignorance Over Trust Fund

August 02, 2010
Rohter Strikes Out Yet Again on South of the Border

July 02, 2010
When A Reporter Doesn't Know When to Quit

May 13, 2010
Market Irrationality in the Eurozone

May 03, 2010
Will the New Austerity Plan for Greece Work?

November 18, 2008
Treasury Attempts to Lead IMF Resurgence in Developing Countries


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