How Many of the 46.3 Million Uninsured are Immigrants? Print
April 26, 2010, by Hye Jin Rho and John Schmitt


The most recent available data show that 46.3 million people had no health insurance in 2008. More than 4 out of 5 (83%) of the uninsured are adults between 18 and 64 (38.3 million in 2008). Children are the next largest group of the uninsured (almost 16% or 7.3 million). Thanks primarily to Medicare, only about 1% of the uninsured are 65 or older (0.6 million). Almost three-quarters (73% or 34.0 million) of the uninsured were born in the United States. Of the 12.3 million immigrants without health insurance, more than half (6.3 million) are working, and about 900,000 are children.

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