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The Future of Greece and the Eurozone
January 24, 2013

European Authorities Still Punishing Greece – Can They Be Stopped?
Mark Weisbrot
Al Jazeera English, February 2, 2013


The Greek Economy: Which Way Forward?

January 2015, Mark Weisbrot, David Rosnick and Stephan Lefebvre

More Pain, No Gain for Greece: Is the Euro Worth the Costs of Pro‐Cyclical Fiscal Policy and Internal Devaluation?

February 2012, Mark Weisbrot and Juan Antonio Montecino

The Argentine Success Story and its Implications

October 2011, Mark Weisbrot, Rebecca Ray, Juan A. Montecino and Sara Kozameh

The Scorecard on Development, 1960-2010: Closing the Gap?

April 2011, Mark Weisbrot and Rebecca Ray

The IMF and Economic Recovery: Is Fund Policy Contributing to Downside Risks?
October 2010, Mark Weisbrot and Juan Montecino

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Op-Eds & Columns

Greek Voters Should Not Be Intimidated

Mark Weisbrot
U.S. News & World Report, January 19, 2015

Ukraine May Face Disillusionment with Europe if it Follows IMF/EU Prescriptions

Mark Weisbrot
Al Jazeera America, May 7, 2014

Economic and Social Policy and the Problems of the Eurozone and European Integration

Mark Weisbrot
Truthout, January 29, 2014

Greece Will Likely Begin Recovery This Year: Is Austerity Working?

Mark Weisbrot
The Guardian (UK), January 22, 2014
Público, February 9, 2014

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"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt!"

Dan Beeton
Third World Quarterly, May 28, 2013
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What Next for the Eurozone? Macroeconomic Policy and the Recession

The Future of Greece and the Euro Zone

The D-Word: Can Default Save Greece? Or Is Austerity the Answer?

The Future of Europe - How to Solve the Euro Crisis?

Macro-Economic Policy in the Eurozone: Are There Alternatives to Slow Growth and High Unemployment?

How Will Austerity Affect Middle Class America?

America Not Greece: What the Greek Debt Crisis Means to American Policy Makers

Press Releases

Syriza Victory in Greece Could Be a “Historic Turning Point” for Eurozone Economic Policy, CEPR Co-Director Says

January 25, 2015

New Paper Concludes that Greece Will Need Better Macroeconomic Policies to Exit from Mass Unemployment

January 23, 2015

New Paper Argues Greece Should Consider Default and Exit From Euro
February 23, 2012

Latest Agreement Won't Resolve Greek Crisis, Likely to Make it Worse, CEPR Co-Director Says
February 21, 2012

CEPR Co-Directors Call for Fed to Intervene in European Bond Market
November 28, 2011

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